I don't believe the drone lost over Iran is legit.

I think something is amiss here. It just doesn’t feel right to me.

I think we lost something on purpose as a decoy and/or something else is afoot. I sense some sort of deception going on.

Just wanted to get that out.

Hopefully you are right, because nothing beats a good conspiracy theory.

The drone was actually filled with a bunch of gay porn and pictures of women showing their faces in public.

The Iranians found some of these photos highly offensive, and are pissed with the US now.

It’s filled with teeny tiny commandos, just waiting for the right moment…

As of now, Iran is on double-secret probation.

Sure, Iran, go ahead and download all the info on the drone’s hard drives.


We promise there’s no Stuxnet variant or anything like that on 'em. Honest.

Be sure to load the info onto your most secure computers.

They’ll be fine.


No shit.

You’re very optimistic.

What about onboard GPS? Does the US know exactly where the drone is right now?

Deception is hardly a conspiracy theory.

Was just wondering what kind of good stuff could come out of ‘losing a drone’.

Oh lordy, it was NOT filled with gay porn.

It’s quite obvious it had President Obama’s REAL birth certificate showing he was born in Kenya.

The drone is capable of self destructing.
They are just waiting for the right time.

We have been sending drones over Iran for two decades. I recall seeing a photo snapped by an Iranian amateur astronomer; it was published in Smithsonian magazine.
So they finally bagged one-big deal.

Eh, sometimes manned aircraft go down. And I would suspect that the gov’t spends less money full-proofing unmanned vhiecles then manned ones (after all the point is that they’re cheaper and we don’t have to worry about killed/captured pilots), I would assume they will crash as often or more so.

And we fly them over Iran and adjacent countries.

So the fact that one crashed in Iran hardly seems to call out for some alternative explanation.

The drone that the Iranian government displayed didn’t look damaged at all. It didn’t appear to have any crash damage. That was weird.

And the US just lost another one over the Seychelles.

While I can understand overflying Iran (although it’s needlessly provocative in my opinion), why on earth is the US operating drones over the Seychelles of all places? Looking for pirates in the Indian Ocean?

The Sechelles are used as a base to launch drones that patrol Somalia from what I heard on theyoungturks.

What I find incredibly bizarre is that Obama has publicly asked for it back.

That really doesn’t sound like normal antagonistic diplomacy to me. Because of that I agree that there’s some interesting double- or triple-bluff jiggery-pokery going on. For the US president to take such a ‘humiliating’ stance in public there must be something else going on.

Maybe they take it out of Obama’s paycheck?

I posted that some place…I eluded it as a tracking device with no classified materials in it…for reasons yet to be known.

Pull out of Iraq to have available troops and equipment for …Hmm. :dubious:

It doesn’t, but the diplomatic response is something for which there are always mutliple layers. By way of parallel look at the different statements that were made by the US when Gary Powers ejected from his U-2, before Kruschev publically pulled the rug on them.

I usually go to Stratfor when I want to learn differing perspectives on what’s going on, but at the time of writing this they don’t seem to have anything up. Which itself is unusual (then again I’m not a subscriber).