I don't care if this belongs in Cafe Society, (Park and Rec minutiae)

IMO, this forum should be used for crap that is too insignificant to make its own thread in the ‘proper place’

That said…

I liked Mark from Season 1 and 2. He was the ‘straight guy’. And provided that perspective. I get there was no place forhim, but I still liked him. He was Zeppo Marx. I liked Zeppo too.
There, I said it.

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You may not care, but, insignificant or not, this does belong in Cafe Society. :slight_smile:

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I liked Mark too. He was a more world-weary version of Jim Halpert from The Office.

As I recall he also had a little bit of a sleazy side to him as well, which was sort of refreshing.

Co-signing on the Mark appreciation. I did like that he wasn’t some moral idealist but had flaws, despite Leslie’s idealizing of him (mostly in Season One, but we all know S01 still needed more time to gel).

But that brings me to another guilty admission: I like the first season. Was it shaky? Sure. They weren’t solid on Leslie’s character yet, and she was less liked (actually really disliked) by her fellow workers–unfairly. Still, I don’t brush aside Leslie in S01 as being “Michael Scott Lite” the way many do. I just don’t see it–she is shown to be capable and ethical, and always genuinely nice to others. A bit goofy, and needy, but not just Michael in a dress (or, more likely, a black pants suit; Leslie loved her black blazers!).

I think the cast changes were fantastic but I do wish Mark had shown up in a few later episodes–in particular, when the time came to at last design the park I mean geeze, he gave her some ideas when he left. The show was pretty great with call-backs; I’m wondering why even just his name didn’t get mentioned.

I only recently started watching Parks and Recreation, at the urging of several co-workers. I just started Season 5, so (if I may ask) no spoilers please! :smiley:

Anyway, when I got to Season 3 I told my co-workers that I was sad to see Mark go, and they all thought I was crazy! I do like Ben, but I also liked Mark.