Parks and Recreation, 11/12/09 (open spoilers)

Am I the only one still watching, (and enjoying), this show? :smiley:

This season’s really starting to build up the characters. Leslie Knope’s character’s not nearly as annoying as I thought she could have turned out to be. Ron is awesome, two ex-wifes and a mother named “Tammy”.

Don’t like Jerry’s character… turning into Toby. I like Pointillism art!

Anyway, this was a good episode, (last week’s was great).
So, who’s still watching? I like the shapes!

I’m still watching and enjoying it. I think it helps that they’ve toned down Amy Poehler’s “Homeritis” a little bit. Rasheeda Jones’ slacker ex-boyfriend is a funny character, as is Ron. I don’t know that I’d say it’s laugh out loud funny, but it passes the time amiably enough between Community and The Office.

I am still enjoying it, and am impressed with how it continues to improve. I really do think they need to find a plausible way to explain why Ann is always there. Why was she in the meeting? Why did she make a poster? Do you bring your friends to work and have them come to your staff meetings? Just announce that she’s been appointed to the board of trustees or something.
Otherwise, I really like it. It’s bright and doesn’t waste time.

Agree 100%. I think they will… just milking what they have before their’s a little ‘shift’ in their structure.

Well she is on the committee in charch of turning the [del]pit[/del] vacant lot into a park.