Parks & Recreation 11/19/09

I’ll get the ball rolling.

I’m torn on this episode. There was lots to love, lots to scratch your head on (but just not the back of your head - ouch, Ron!). Poehler’s character just keeps developing, and the resolution to the episode really showed her true colors. The writers are clearly moving her away from Michael Scott territory.

But the thing that just had me out of the episode was the random firing of guns all over the place. One - where did all those guns come from? I’ll admit I don’t know many hunters - but I can’t imagine them a) having that many spare hunting guns and if they do, b) they’d just hand them out to a bunch of inexperienced people. I’m not even considering c) that people who’d randomly start firing at crows (or blindly at a “predator”) would have their own hunting rifles.

Nothing much to add, just glad someone took the initiative to post a dedicated thread. I think this show has been consistently funnier than either The Office or 30 Rock this season.

I loved this episode, especially the interplay between Andy and April. Andy is a total doofus, but I find that strangely charming!

I really enjoyed it. I like that Leslie sometimes says dumb things or makes a misstep, but essentially she’s competent and likable, unlike Michael Scott (I love The Office, but Michael is not the protagonist and it wouldn’t work if he were).

I was fully expecting Leslie to be inexperienced and just trying to horn in on the hunting trip because she felt left out, but when she was a good hunter and gave Ron a run for his money, it was much more fun. Also, her decision to embrace the sexist angle in order to save Tom - that was hilarious.

Totally forgot about that - that was really funny.

Tom’s starting to annoy me. I know his character trait is not knowing when to shut up, but you’d think that after so many close calls and mouth-foot instances, he’d clam up at times. But no - he just keeps on doing it.

I agree the show is getting better, and also agree that it’s good to see Leslie being dialed back from Michael Scott territory, and into a more managable, neurotic and insecure, but not incompetent or stupid kind of place. Having her be an experienced and competent hunter was a much more refreshing decision than going in the more trite direction of making her inept and embarrassing.

Andy kind of cracks me up too. There’s a sweet, amiable nature to the guy that redeems him from just being an oafish loser.

I LOVED this episode! When she lined up for her first shot at a bird, something about her pose just cracked me the hell up. I just didn’t expect it. The Community/Parks and Recreation/Office trifecta is unbelievably good.

This show has really improved, we laughed out loud a couple of times (we just watched the ep last night).

“I’m having a Superbowl party with a bunch of the guys in January, why don’t you come over at halftime and SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD?”

I really love the way Tom’s character has played out this season. In the first episodes, he really struck me as a stereotypical “cocky asshole who gets ahead by being a selfish, cocky asshole.” It’s a stock character I’m kinda sick of.

Seeing him painted more as a neurotic screw-up who just has a talent for pretending to be cocky really helps.

Don’t they usually have a whole rack of guns? A gun rack, if you will?

I’ll admit that my only experience with shotguns has been in zombie-related video games, but is it really possible to get shot in the head** with a shotgun** and not, ya know, have your head blown off?

Birdshot, my friend. Only heavy enough to break a bird, could have put his eye out but not broken his skull unless the barrel was right up against him… He was not in the direct line of the blast (otherwise they would have been picking out a heck of a lot more pellets); it looked as if he didn’t catch more than a half-dozen judging by the lesions on his shaved scalp.

Ask Dick Cheney.

Birdshot loses momentum quickly. At close range it would penetrate the skull but not at a distance. Depending on the gun, it spreads out pretty quickly after it leaves the muzzle.