I don't CARE that you don't like Americans!

The problem with being half-Canadian, and having a Canadian accent, is that it seems like half my conversations with new people (whom I meet a lot of in my line of work) go like this:

“Where are you from?”
“Australia originally, but I spent 9 years in Canada, hence the accent.”
“Oh, I’m so glad you’re not American, I can’t STAND Americans!..<insert 5 minute detailing why>”

It’s not THAT big a deal but it’s very annoying how frequently it occurs: it’s like the woman I occasionally work with who thinks it’s a hoot to make fun of my accent. Don’t they realise I’ve heard it all before and probably less than an hour before?

One of these days I’m going to tape someone’s spiel so I can just start playing it when the next person starts theirs.

Well, you should just be happy you’re not American. Because we’re a bunch of conservative, racist, rednecks who make snap judgments on people based on where they’re from.

What the hell do Queenslanders have against Americans that’s so special they do that? Did that state get invaded while I wasn’t watching or something? :confused:

I think it’s funny that people in Australia are mocking anyone’s accent. Frankly, the only people who should be allowed to mock the Canadian accent are Americans - we’re the only ones who can mock it correctly.

Yeah, why do you hate America? Are you just jealous of our freedoms? I’m sure Austria can be a free country too someday.

Well no, it’s just the one woman and she’s a twat. No-one’s mocked my accent but her since about 4th grade.

Wot? I can’t understand a thing you are saying; sounds like you have a mouth full of poutaine. :wink:

That’s poutine, you yank! [pronounced: poo-teen] (*tastes better than it sounds)

The way you spelled it, it sounds more like [p-eu-tain]. Which, in french, means “whore”. However, if that’s what you meant… :wink:

It’s pronounced “Instant Cardiac Failure Due To Plugged Arteries”, due to its ingredients.

That’s what I thought.

Eh. It was okay. Tasted like french fries with gravy and cheese.

When I first heard of poutine it confused me. I thought the Canadians drank poitín.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re not American, I can’t STAND Americans!”

All right, what did I do this time?

That’s funny. They always had good things to say about her.

No you can’t. Go on, I dare you:

  1. Use “eh” correctly in a sentence.

  2. Say “out and about.” Not “oot and aboot.”

Most non-Canadians I’ve met are unable to do these.

Of course, even if you say it perfectly I wouldn’t be able to hear you …

They have every right to avoid us! We’re CRAZZZZZZZZZYYY!!!

[Does something crazy]

See? See?

See how crazy we are!!!?!?!

Actually, it sounds more like ‘oat’ and ‘aboat’ to me.

I don’t get this “oot and aboot” thing. I’ve never heard a human being say that, either in Canada or the USA.

Of course not. But then, most New Yorkers don’t realize their accent makes them sound like morons to civilized English-speaking society (which is pretty much everywhere else.) :slight_smile:

Wow…I second that one. I’ve met several ridiculously-well-educated New Yorkers who sound like the cast from Sopranos.

Now Chicagoans…our mellifluous accent evokes the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer, and the MacArthur Genius Grant all rolled into one. :cool:

I can do this. Of course, I live in Western NY, so I could drive from my houses to Canada in less time than it would take to drive to another state, and I usually listen to a Canadian music station, so maybe it doesn’t count. It doesn’t sound like oot, or oat to me either btw.

A Boston accent can make you go sterile if you stand directly in front of the speaker.