I don't feel guilty...

About being on the SDMB!! Just had my last final today, and I am feelin’ free, baby. Can sit here and read threads for hours at a time if I want to. Woo hoo!

At least until Bluesman comes home…then I might be busy.

How’d you think you did?

If you’re anything like I was I’d waffle back and forth between optimism and pessimism. Usually why I’d end up in a bar till grades came in :). Camping the SDMB is probably healthier…

Thanks, Jeff. I think I’m going to pull another 4.0. I know I got A’s in four out of six classes already, and I’ve got every reason to believe I got A’s in my other two, also.

Sure am glad to have the semster over with, though. And with hubby coming home on Sunday, I’m planning on an awsome summer.

It’s no use just sitting
alone in your room.
Come to the cabaret.

First round’s on me!

Now go enjoy your summer!

I don’t know where you go to school, but at UCLA (many, many moons ago), we had finals run from Monday to Friday (Finals week–duh).

I was NEVER done earlier than Wednesday, and my last final was often Friday 3 to 6. That’s right, the very last final–when everyone else has either gone home, partied hardy (maybe even passed out drunk), or was busy whooping it up.

I’m not sure what I’m more jealous of, you being finished that early in the week, or the fact that you think you pulled a 4.0. I NEVER pulled a 4.0, but then, I’m stupid.


I’m in my mid 30s and I still occasionally have dreams that I’m in college or HIGH SCHOOL, it’s nearly finals week, and I have to cram a whole semester of studying four to six classes, not to mention do months of homework that I never did, in one weekend. Anyone else ever have this dream?

I’m weirder than I thought.

End hijack.]

Anyway, Lucretia, congrats again. And, only 755 more posts to the big 1000! What are you waiting for?

Thanks, DRY. :slight_smile: Actually, being done on Tuesday isn’t as good as it sounds, our finals ran from Wednesday to Wednesday this semester, so I was jealous of all the people that got done last week and got to party it up last Friday.

And now that I’ve got some free time, I plan on working on that post count!

Lucretia: Just had my last final today…

Isn’t that redundant?

You know, that’s what I kept thinking, AWB. * “When am I finally going to get to my final final!?!?”*

You know, that’s what I kept thinking, AWB. * “When am I finally going to get to my final final!?!?”*

Lucretia, that is so cool! I hope I do as well when I return to school full time this fall.

Have a great summer vacation with Bluesman!

Me too. Mid 30’s and all. My dreams vary a little. One has me walking into a class and realizing just then that there is a test and stressing about what I can cram in 3 minutes (actually happened to me once…unbelievably I got an A on that test but I was sweating BIG time for a few days since this test was 1/3 of our grade). If you’re wondering how I spaced a test I hadn’t been to that class in 3 weeks.

Another has me sitting down in class and the professor calls for the term papers to be handed in. Term papers? Ooops…better think of a good excuse FAST (that never happened to me but I turned a few papers in closer to the end of class than the beginning :wink: ).

My third dream takes on a vague “I’m screwed” feeling and will never graduate, then trying to motivate myself to take a proactive measure and salvage what I can.

In my mid 20’s these dreams would get me going enough to wake up and start looking for my books so I could study. Eventually sleep haze would fade and I’d realize I was out of school but it was a lousy way to wake up. I actually put my diploma on my night stand for awhile to reassure myself when I woke-up that I had indeed finished school.

I envy Lucretia her confidence (which of course she’s won through hard work as opposed to my more ‘relaxed’ approach to school).

Have a great summer Lucretia…sounds like you earned it!

And I envy you your diploma, Jeff. I think it’s probably much better to be having anxiety dreams in your thirties about a diploma you already have than trying to earn one in your thirties.

Oh well, better late, yadda yadda. Only three more years to go!


You’re right. That’s not nearly as good–being finished on the Friday before would be great (and I probably would be really cruel in that situation and taunt the unfortunate people who weren’t done with finals FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!)

Oops. In this case, that would have been YOU.

I see you’ve already started to work on the post count!

Any big plans during the summer? I remember the summer after my freshman year, I had to find a summer job (funny how the parents didn’t seem inclined to let me sit around the house and do nothing after they paid for my college tuition). I didn’t have seniority at my on campus job (food service place on campus), so I had to go to work at the local Toys R Us. (I think it says a lot that I still want to have kids. I also found out exactly how miserly $3.45 an hour is.)

I certainly hope your summer vacation is more exciting!


I’m split between feeling sympathy for you, and relief that I’m not the only one this happens to. I never walked into a real life test and managed to “bluff” my way out of it, and I never turned in a term paper late. I attended classes pretty regularly unless I bought lecture notes and was “covered”.

I really think that I have these dreams because I subconciously feel I didn’t really earn my diploma. I underachieved during college, and while my grades were respectable enough (B average), I really feel I could have done a lot better. I virtually NEVER studied until about a week before a midterm, project/paper, or final, and this includes reading my textbooks for the first time. I probably averaged around 2 hours per class per week of study. That’s really not enough–I coasted on being a good test taker.

My dreams had all sorts of inconsistencies–I’ll dream I’m sitting in my high school class, and when I wake up, I’ll realize the cute girl next to me I was scamming on, I knew in high school not in college. But these inconsistencies would never cause me to wake up (I’d never realize them until I did wake up), and the whole experience is very unsettling.

Unlike Lucretia, I think my problem is that I DO feel guilty about something…

Well, on Sunday the SO gets back from an extended sojourn in Saudi Arabia, courtesy of the USAF, so yes, you could say I have some big plans. :smiley:

He is taking a month of leave, and we are going up to Minnesota to see my brother and sister-in-law, and retrieve our puppy, whom vetrinarian/dog trainer SIL very kindly offered to take when it came to light that I would be spending this semester with three kids, two lab sciences, and no husband.

And some long days at the beach, reading a book, *for pleasure *, woo hoo!

For those who think I’m a warmonger, stirring up trouble here in the North Arabian Sea, you should think again.

The 4,700 sailors aboard the USS Eisenhower left Norfolk with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts February 18.
For we knew, upon our inchop to the Persian Gulf, certain wingnuts would be relieved on station.

Yes. Its true. We are here so Lucretia can get laid!

Just another example of your tax dollars hard at work…

And GOD knows I appreciate it, Chief! Here’s a big kiss going out from me (or Bluesman, you know, depending), to you and all of your squiddy buddies, and I promise to scream out your name and salute briskly at least once during the homecoming celebrations.





And with all seriousness, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being where you are and doing what you do.