I don't get this New Yorker cartoon

New Yorker cartoon of the day. I don’t get it. The description below the cartoon says it refers to the financial crisis. Was dog food being used as a metaphor somewhere else?


The dogs are worried that all the newly poor people will start eating dog food–that being all they can afford–and there won’t be any left for dogs.

Hmm. I don’t think too many people will get that.

I thought the poor ate cat food?

The miscreants are in the doghouse, but aren’t eating the dog food since they are living it up on the bail out money.

They do, that’s why he’s sure they won’t be eating all the dog food.

Very good point! :wink:

I just wanted to point out that we can probably leave this thread title up as a sticky, and get several new entries every month.

I mean, with a cartoon in The New Yorker, sometimes they’re so sophisticated it’s not funny.

Maybe it’s about companies “who eat their own dog foo,” that is, use their own products. MS uses Windows, FedEx ships via FedEx, etc. Maybe the little dog heard the phrase is worried that some company is going to eat all the dog food.

(Okay, I’m really grasping at straws here, but it’s a New Yorker cartoon. An outlandish guess is just as good as a simple one.)

It might have been more effective if the word “all” had been italicised.

Still not funny.

Great timing! I believe the latest issue of the New Yorkerincludes a feature on several cartoons readers didn’t get (along with the ‘real’ explanation and a few fibs for each one).

Re: this comic, I know the ‘so poor they have to eat cat food’ from both stories and reality (not my own, thank og), so I’m guessing that’s it. Poor people eat cat food, not dog food. Otherwise there’d probably be emphasis on ‘all.’

Without the explanation that it refers to the financial crisis, I don’t think I would have got it.

This thread misses the point. You don’t dissect gossamer.

(He’d smash you to a pulp, to begin with.)

Derleth is the most innnnteresting person.

They eat Spaghettos and turkey hotdogs at $1 or less a package. Cat food in a can is more expensive per pound of food.

‘Maybe Charlie’s been around so long because Alpo’s been around so long.’