I don't get today's xkcd.

Is there some pun on a grand piano that I’m missing?

I don’t get it.

It’s a reference to an old joke about a hard-of-hearing genie. The punchline is, “you didn’t think I asked for a 12-inch pianist, did you?” In this case, the exact opposite situation has happened- hence the woman’s remark.

What mobo85 said.

And the tagline—it wouldn’t have been so good for him if he’d asked for a three-inch pianist.

Vox Imperatoris

You know, a part of me expected that the man would stick to his principles, take the comedic high road, and resist the siren song of our culture.

But no, he learned what all great comedians have known. When a great dick joke swings your way, you just gotta take it.

That comic is pure comedy gold I tells ya. GOLD!

I would like to thank Tabby_Cat for asking the question and the others for answering it.
I’m not sure what I thought the joke was about, but clearly I was wrong

Or just a small one.

The tag line shows, in my opinion, how badly done the “joke” is. Anytime you need an explanation for your joke, you’ve blown the thing. :smack:

Here I was thinking he asked for a tiny pianist. I kept wondering why the girl was asking him out.

That’s what SHE said.

I prefer to think of it not as a bad joke but rather as an experiment in reverse engineering a bad joke.

The mouseover text doesn’t look like an explanation to me, just carrying the joke a little further.

In my, granted, limited experience in these matters, having to explain a joke says more about the audience than the joke.

I find the mouse over text to be more of secondary punchline than an explanation. Some times the joke makes more sense after I read the mouse over, and sometimes it is just a second laugh. Which is the way it should be. If done correctly, a mouse over should let those that missed it in on the main joke while providing another little laugh for those that got it.


I never knew there was a secondary ‘mouse-over’ gag in XKCD before this thread. Many thanks!

It’s funny cuz it’s sexual!

There should be an ongoing “WTF is that stick figure talking about now?” thread because this topic seems to come up with surprising frequency.

The joke relies on you associating it with a “12 inch pianist” joke, otherwise the natural conclusion you lean towards is that he asked for a “tiny pianist” and it doesn’t make much sense.

If you take the word “joke” out of that sentence, the meaning gets changed entirely.