I don't give a flying fuck what they think about foreign policy...

A short rant as I’m very tired, but I’m reaching across the aisle to be bipartisan and a win-win maverick of change, because I’m pitting McCain, Obama, Biden, and Palin all four for this-


think about foreign policy, trade, the Wall Street crisis, or pretty much any other goddamned thing other than the goings on at Fontana’s Bait and Tackle Shop and Day Spa. This plain folks bullshit is beneath- well, three out of four of the candidates anyway- and it’s just disgusting.

I’m sure the folks at the bait shop are nice and their problems are real and their opinions are earnest, but even so I don’t want to hear them and I don’t give a shit what they think on major policy issues. I feel sorry for their sufferings but I don’t want to hear about them in a debate- it doesn’t personalize them, it just prolongs and detracts.

When it comes to Wall Street/bailout/WaMu/LB/etc. crises, I care a shitload more what economists, investigative journalists, business analysts, and even those directly involved say than I do what somebody I’ve never met but has a nice folksy Middle Amer’ca name (notice they never say “Akeem Muhammad at Lynette’s Halal Hamburgers” or “LaShaniqua Washington and her sister Rahshay over at Naomi’s Weaves” or “Lucy Douglas-Webster and Mona Webster-Douglas at Mo & Lu’s Harley Repair” or “ex-con Burt Wu and his recovering oxycontin addict wife Marisol at the Piggy Wiggly in Oshkosh” but WASPy soundy earth-salters). I’m guessing Gary and the gang at the Bigger Bang Bowling Alley the candidate visited last month started using the word “subprime” about the same time I did and while I’m sure their nice guys and glad to be mentioned on TV I have absolutely no reason to care what their opinion is on a complicated issue or even on what’s affecting them. SOMETHING’S AFFECTING EVERYBODY AT ALL TIMES. Two thousand years ago Jesus himself said we’d always have po’ folk and letting me know one is named Maudie and works nights at Wanda’s Nugget Hut and her son had to quit his dream of an El Camino customizing business because of health insurance really isn’t a huge incentive. I know plenty of people with really sad and legitimate sob stories already, and I really don’t think that people who weren’t aware there are people concerned and suffering in the nation are going to freeze the Tivo and say “Oh my Gad… poor Agnes Woolcott of Madison Ohio can’t afford to have her wisdom teeth pulled! We’ve gotta do something! First I’m gonna pledge to vote for [that candidate] and then we’re loading up the Honda and pointing it towards Madison Ohio!”

Anyway, I’m very tired so I can’t imagine this has much coherence, but the point is I hate that plain folks pandering shit and don’t even think it’s effective. No, I’m sure Roseanne and Dan Conner or Florida and James Evans or Laverne Defazio or whoever have legitmate concerns and opinions, but chances are excellent they’re no better informed than I am and they’re certainly not in a position to change it and you are, so I’d really much rather hear YOUR opinions on Mr./Ms. Candidate and how big a problem YOU think this is and how much YOU will prioritize it and preferably with some facts and figures that I can check. And I’d also like a Sprite and maybe a puppy to hold while you tell me.

Every election I’m reminded why I’m damned glad that we actually have a fairly low voter turnout. There are just too many people who are too fucking stupid to be allowed to vote.

Now if only we could get those same B-Ark morons out of our newsrooms.

*“We take you now to Doug Dingleberry at the local laundromat to get his view of Quantum Physics and how it adversely affects the Derivitives Market. Doug?”

“Well…er… I think we aughta reform the laws of Quantium…(what was that again?) Physicals… so that average Americans like me don’t have such high credit card bills!”*

I actually laughed so hard I cried at this.

Excellent last line; you may have already won your own thread in the OP!

Typical liberal elitist, trying to ignore the wishes of everyday Americans.

The fundamental problem with that attitude is the assumption that it’s the stupid ones who don’t vote.

Are conservatives not elitists ? The people who tend to think of themselves as chosen by God and all that rot ? And the extremely wealthy and power, insiders in general ? The ‘we make our own reality’ crowd isn’t elitest ? Compared to insane arrogance of the right, the most “elitist” liberal is obsessively humble. Not that being ‘elitist’ is inherently bad; it’s all what you are being elitist about.

And frankly, after electing Bush twice, the American public has proven how contemptible it is. Evil, and stupid; a nation of greedy, ignorant, shortsighted, xenophobic, torturing warmongers. It’s not hard at all to be better than that.

I’m just reeling with relief that Sampiro does care what Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin think about foreign policy. When I read the thread title I took it to mean Sampiro didn’t care about THEIR views.


I think this is a trend that started with the media. The Fed has said interest rates will go up by 1/2 point. Should we ask some knowledgeable banker what this means? NO! Of course not! He’d only say a bunch of stuff nobody would understand anyway. Better let’s ask this woman walking down the stree what she thinks about her mortgage payment going up. Everybody can relate to that.

Now politicians do the same. I think it started (or at least got worse) with Reagan.

I find it tremedously stupid that they have to mention some person by name and explain their problem and how it will be taken care of. Well, how about my problem? Who is going to take care of my problem?

I do think that in this debate, for the first time in recorded history, a person-by-name anecdote actually worked. It was when Joe Biden mentioned the guy at his gas station that couldn’t afford to fill his car up all the way. First of all, it was a guy that Biden actually knew, rather than some person chosen to represent “America.”* And his problem was something that most of us can relate to very well. Fortunately, I’ve personally have never needed to take less than a full fill-up, but the thought of taking less and putting off the additional expense has certainly crossed my mind.

  • Sampiro: you left out another “American family” who never gets mentioned–Adam Goldfarb, who is struggling to get his law practice off the ground and his wife Rachel Blattstein, who’s income from her adjunct professor of Linguistics job isn’t even enough to cover her student loan payments.

I didn’t need to hear the pity people telling me they lost 20% of their retirement 401k plan. Everybody’s in the same boat. These people will not garner any pity from me. Please stop showing them, because they have nothing important to say that helps the viewers with the situation.

Good point.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Gary Kumquat was joking.

Actually, my husband and I looked at each other with this one, and said “What a fuckin’ idiot!” The idea was something like “I don’t know how much it takes to fill up my tank”

It’s easy - if gas is 3.59/gallon, and you have a 12 gallon tank, then it takes $43.08 to fill your tank.

This is how I would interpret “How much does it cost to fill your tank?” But then I’m a rational person, not guided by emotion and self-pity.

Well, that’s where you’re likely to find Kumquats, so…

Yeah, but you must admit that saying

just doesn’t have the same appeal.

I interpereted it quite differently. Joe Biden knows 12 x $3.59 is $43.08.

I certainly had lots of conversations where people were comparing the cost of a fill-up–especially when gas was at $4. It’s a commiseration thing, not a exchanging facts thing. So Joe Biden was trying to commiserate with the guy, only to find that the cost of gas was hitting him so hard that he couldn’t even compare notes.

I’m not sure what “emotion and self-pity” have to do with anything.

I honestly thought this was a real Palin quote, what with its lack of punctuation, until I noticed it almost made sense. And didn’t call Tad a maverick.

I would interpret the question to mean, how much would I have to pay if I went to the gas station and filled up my tank. Since I don’t wait until there are 0.0 gallons of gas in the tank (and neither does anyone else), I won’t be pumping exactly 12 gallons, it’s going to be something less than 12 gallons, maybe 11, maybe 10. However, if I can’t afford to put more than $20 in, I’m not going to know exactly how much it would have cost to fill my tank.

To me, the story is not about the cost of filling up your tank, it’s about more and more people not having enough money on hand to fill up a gas tank.

That’s a good point and I almost mentioned it in my post. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of very smart people who don’t bother to educate themselves about the issues and/or vote as well; and a lot of extremely stupid people who vote based on faulty ideals.

Yeah, guys, I got the gist of Biden’s ancedote…:rolleyes:

But, still, the way he phrased it, it sounded like the guy couldn’t do some simple math.

I forgot - only Republican’s pithy anecdotes are allowed to be ridiculed around here…

At least the stupid ones are participating. The ones that drive me up the wall are the ones who know perfectly-well what’s going on but don’t vote as a protest. Way to give your power away to the stupids, there.

Wow. You’re calling polite discussion of alternative interperetations of the the anecdote “ridicule?” That’s positively bizarre.