I don't know which form this goes in but help!

I have a friggin rat in my engine or vents or somewhere. He is stinking to hi heaven. I have looked everywhere under the hood and underneath the truck but can’t find him. Please anyone got any ideas?

Oh and how do I know it’s a rat? Cause I have a cat that drags them up on a regular basis and plays games with them.

Do you have a local NPR radio station? This would be a question for Click and Clack on Car Talk.

Good suggestion I have listened to that before. But now my truck stinks too bad to get to the radio.

And I know I misspelled forum.:frowning:

You mean you don’t have a radio elsewhere?

If it’s that bad, maybe you shut dissect your truck. Literally. Take everything out and take it apart.

If you can’t do that, maybe you should start by thinking how a rat could get inside your truck (like the exhaust pipe or something, I don’t know) and go from there.

P.S. I like Car Talk. I know, I’m wierd.