I don't know you. Why are you calling me at 1am?

When I moved into this apartment I was given two keys. Two keys, despite that fact that I am the only one living here. I assume that when you moved in you were given an ample number of keys as well. Therefore in the future when you come home at 1am, I’d suggest you use your key to enter the building rather than buzz my apartment. You see, I generally sleep at night. Your buzzing random apartments, asking to be let in isn’t as productive as saaaaaaay Using A Key! Moreover, it was rather disturbing being woken up by a stranger asking to be buzzed in. I might even have become irritable. What’s that? You have an excuse? You lost your keys? Your roomate locked you out? The buzzer is malfunctioning?

Oooooooooh, in that case let me get up, put on clothes, come downstairs open the door to let you, a perfect stranger, into the building where I live.

Oh, wait. . . that’s right. . . I Don’t Know You!. I’ve never seen you in my life. . .There is no chance in hell I’m going to let you in!. . . and please don’t ever call me again, for any reason, at any time of day. . . but particularly do not call me between the hours of 10pm and 10am because I. . . Might. . . Be . . .Sleeping!

What a freakin’ loser. One time the police showed up for a noise disturbance report and buzzed my apartment to be let in (because they had the wrong apartment number, not because they randomly buzzed someone) and I wouldn’t even let them in until I’d gone downstairs to make sure they were who they said they were.

No way in HELL would I let someone in just because they claimed they forgot their key. First of all, what kind of idiot goes out of the house without their keys? Second, what kind of special breed of idiot thinks I am going to let them into my apartment building without even knowing who they are?

You did the right thing, racerx.

First of all, I agree that racerx did the right thing.


This kind. I used to do it all the time. If you live in the city, don’t have a car, and all your apartment doors lock automatically, it’s very easy to do.

The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. You could hear the guy buzzing every single apartment in the building. I have no idea what his excuse/problem was because I refused to even answer the buzzer. (I’ve had the problem of answering the buzzer during the day, refusing to let the person in and having them continue to buzz my apt. just to be a jerk. I certainly didn’t want to invite that kind of abuse in the middle of the night.)

When no one would let him in, he finally gave up and decided to go around the building to the other door (which happens to be outside my bedroom window) and pound on the door. What an asshole. I don’t know what happened after that, because I eventually went back to sleep. There was one more door he could have tried, though.

It was sort of encouraging that no one would let this jerk in, I guess.

Ack. Buzzers. Well last year, we had a very unique buzzer problem. Everyone else in the building had long thing rectangular buttons for their buzzers. And the big round button above and to right of all those buttons that looked like a “talk” button? That was our buzzer. Everytime someone buzzed anyone in the building, they pressed ours to “talk.” Oh the horror…

And since we are incapable of finding a nice middle-ground, we now live in a building that has no buzzer. Which is almost more frustrating. But not quite.

Gosh, I can’t imagine anyone leaving their apartment without their keys. What kind of idiot would do that?

Awww Billdo, my problem isn’t with the forgetting of keys it was with the waking me up at 1am and asking me to let a stranger in. In you’re thread you didn’t call random numbers, you called a few friends and the super. I respect you for that.

Any criminals out there want easy pickins? Well, come to Calgary, where everybody lets anybody in at any time. I think we need to have a city-wide course on the use of security doors and buzzers. People think they’re being nice and neighbourly or something, but after the strangers they let in run rampant through the building killing us all in our sleep, maybe they’ll think twice about that. Oh, wait, you can’t rethink it, because you’re DEAD! And me too! Thanks, neighbour.

OK, I admit that I was unduly harsh on the people who leave the apartment/house without their keys. I myself have had to break into my own house on at least one occasion, so clearly it was just a bit of hypocritical hyperbole on my part.

I still stand behind my assessment of the guy who was randomly buzzing people as a big freakin’ loser, though. But not just because he forgot his keys.

Sorta kinda like this, maybe a little…

I was walking home from the tavern of choice one night a few years ago (after last call, around 2am), and someone hailed me from the yard of an apartment complex across the street. He “locked his keys in his apartment” and wanted me to lift him up so he could get in the window…He didn’t know me, and I didn’t know him. Did I just look stupid in the dark, or what? Not in the mood to be up on burglary charges this evening, thanks. Sure, it could have been his apartment, but how was I supposed to know that? If I don’t know you, I’m not letting you in anywhere. Sorry for the inconvenience. He called me an asshole. It hurt for weeks.

I now hereby offer my services as security guard / doorman to anyone in need. I also want to smack my roommate who leaves the house door unlocked all the time. Yeah, like my stuff is expendable.
I come fully stocked and trained in the latest ass-whoopin’ techniques.