I don't need a Kitchenaid stand mixer

Seriously. Not even if there’s a factory-reconditioned 450-watt variety available in the right color for only $220.

Because I don’t use one. (I don’t have one, therefore I don’t use one.) Because I don’t like bread. Or cookies. And that’s all you can make with one. Seriously. Cookies and bread. Nothing else. Certainly not anything particularly tasty. Like cinnamon rolls.

Nope. Don’t need one.

If you don’t get one you’ll save on counter space that every kitchen seems to me running out of.


Oh man, I know. I don’t want one either. Not at all and it doesn’t do me any good to point out that I’ve been able to find them as cheap as a 100 bucks on craigslist. 'Cause, yanno, I don’t want one.


Plus, sausages. Yep. It can’t make sausages either. Or grind meats.

I can live without meat. And bread and cookies. :slight_smile:

…or ice cream.

I use mine all the time and make a lot of stuff I might not bother to make without it. Like gingerbread cookies. Fresh, soft gingerbread cookies.

Yep, that’s why I don’t have a KA Pro6 on my counter. In the hammered finish. With the grinder and pasta roller and pasta plates.

I would spend waaay too much time baking bread, making fresh pasta and grinding burger and sausage. Waaay too much time.

Nope, you don’t wanna go there.

Gingerbread cookies? La la la la la, I can’t hear you! :smiley:

I already have a separate ice cream maker, your frozen-desserty wiles will not work on me!

…wait, there’s a pasta attachment?


Oh, hell no. Not ever. Not in any of those colors, or even the brushed aluminum or gasp! copper I saw in Williams Sonoma.

Don’t need it.

Stupid piece of yuppie kitchen equipment that nobody kneads.

Just hope you don’t ever have to make up large batches of wallpaper paste. :dubious:

I make bread from scratch at least twice a month, by hand. I don’t want to lose half a counter top, or worse, half a cabinet, to a stand mixer. It really is not difficult to make yeast breads by hand.

However, I did enjoy SELLING KA mixers when I worked for a department store. I could make half my daily goal selling one of the delixe models :slight_smile:

I soooo almost got one back around '92. The black model! No, no, the green model!

What am I doing? I don’t bake, and don’t need to start. I’d never figure out all the other stuff it does.

Glad I didn’t get one, but don’t count on me neeeever getting one.

I would never use one (utilitarian white) to make award-winning ginger snaps and other cookie goodness. Just not my style.

What has happened to all my counter space?

I don’t need one either. That’s why I didn’t pick up a 4.5 Quart, 300 watts, bowl lift mixer at Kohl’s for $159 at 4 in the morning on Black Friday.

I ordered it online instead. It’ll arrive Monday.

Pepperlandgirl, you’re not heeeelllping… :slight_smile:

Don’t want one, don’t need one.

Especially if it comes in pink.

I use my professional 600 for fudge, none of that waiting until it is 110 F to beat. Beat it about 150-160, and turn it out as soon as the gloss is off. It is still malleable and can be pressed flat on a buttered sheet and cut, in nice square pieces that don’t shatter, but I don’t need it. I didn’t need it for the pumpkin pie filling, the dinner rolls, pumpkin bars, cream cheese icing, this week, but I used it. I did not need it for the muffins for the bake sale, the cookies, or the fruit cake that I make every year. Scratch that. There is no way I am doing the fruitcake by hand.

I never needed a cobalt blue model when I was overseas to make sausage and pasta and to grind my own burger, and I don’t need it still, even though it would be so tough it would have lasted for 16 years now without any problems.

No, I DON’T have one in the cabinet over the oven.