I don't see much about MS Flight Simulator anymore. Is it still a popular sim/game?

I can’t recall the last time flight simulators were in the news re being a popular game/sim . Are they still a big deal?

It still seems to be a big seller in Japan. When I went to pick up Spore at AsoBit City in Akihabara last week, they had a large section of the floor space devoted just to MS Flight Simulator and all its add-on software.

The last game in the series, MS Flight Simulator X, was released in 2006, which is a lifetime in the video game world.

It’s still a pretty popular series, but popular for a simulator, which is a niche genre to begin with.

FSX was the Crysis of 2006. It was a game that was beyond the limits of 95% of peoples hardware. It looked gorgeous in screenshots, but that’s cuz you can’t see the framerate. It was also the first 2 DVD game I ever encountered and had a 13gb install. Most flight sim fans continued to stick with 2004.

There IS a pretty big fanbase for making added content, in both the flight and train sim communities. The thing is, either you’re really into them, or they bore you to hell, so the interest tends to be isolated to the niche group. Honestly tho, how many other games have their own MAGAZINE devoted to it?