I don't think Cardinal Mahony (L.A.) is guilty, but he should resign

I do not believe the allegation that Cardinal Roger Mahony is himself an abuser. The accuser is a diagnosed schizophrenic. Her story doesn’t make sense. The timing of the accusation seems opportunistic. And, there’s no pattern.

However, in refusing to give up the names of the fired priests, he could be seen as aiding and abetting. If he weren’t a cardinal, he might be in cuffs by now. Not only should he resign, any church official who fails to report abusers to the police should resign.

I’m a teacher, a “mandated reporter” in California. Even if I never abuse anyone myself, I can still go to jail if I know and don’t tell.

What do other L.A. people think? Or people who pay attention to L.A.?

Please don’t turn this into a Boston thread.

As a teacher, there is a state law requiring you to report suspected abuse. Is there a law mandating non teachers to report abuse? If not, then Mahoney is guilty of nothing more than very very bad judgement.

I agree that the Catholic Church, and other religious bodies, should be required to report any reputable accusations of abuse by clergy to the proper legal authorities. Bishops should be held accountable for what they allow to come upon their flock (perhaps not the best choice of words…).


The “required reporters” include teachers, psychologists, social workers, and maybe some other categories. I could be wrong, but I think there is a NEW California law requiring the same of priests, probably passed because of the recent scandals. So, yeah, he could be protected by ex post facto.

Speaking as a (non-practicing) Catholic, I think at very least the Cardinal should resign. He has obviously betrayed a very serious trust, regardless of the truth of any allegations aimed specifically at him.
He must take responsibility not only for his own acts of subterfuge, but also the actions of those over whom he exercises authority . Anything less strikes me as a stripe of moral cowardice.

Ideally, I would like to see those who withheld what could very well be evidence charged with whatever crime the state would deem appropriate. The Roman Catholic Church does not have the authority (moral or civil) to aid and abet in the cover up of a crime at it’s own discretion. They are an organization under the law, and if Cardinal Mahoney can be shown to have knowingly hidden suspected pedophiles, then he must be made to account for it.

I should have a little cream with this, its quite bitter…

Mahony is a wimpy, snivelling, slimy coward–and should resign instantly to make room for someone with some backbone.

Law is a staunch and brave prelate who should, The Lord willing, stick to his guns.