I don't think I'm ready to rock

I discovered a new band that I’m kinda of interested in. They’re called Evanescence (http://www.evanescence.com/) and from the little I’ve heard, I really like them.

I found out that they are coming to Dayton this coming Wednsday to play at the Fusion (formerly the Asylum). I’ve really been thinking hard about going. But I know I don’t fit into the rock crowd that much. I like to simply stand there and watch the band. I like to feel the energy coming off and I like to watch their musical techniques and everything that goes into the theatrics of a show. I don’t dance, mosh, or shake back and forth. This is typical for me. I’m not much for showing emotion. I have no problem with folks that do, they really add to the energy of the scene. I wish I could be one of them, but I’m not. I wouldn’t mind any of this except for the strange stares I get at my lack of reaction. It makes me uncomfortable.

I also can’t find anyone to go with me. My wife has to work late that night and my other friends aren’t that interested in the band.

So I’m considering all this when the Great White night club disaster happens. Ugh! :frowning:

I should not have watched that video! It was horrifying!

I don’t know if I should go or not now.

Jus stand by one of the doors, keep a stern look on your face, and pretend to be a bouncer. No one will question you.

98 percent of being a rock star is giving the impression that you don’t give a flying fornification what anyone thinks of you. The ironic part is that if they truely didn’t care what people thought of them, they wouldn’t be in a profession designed for the entertainment of others.

All this is to say: no one, even the coolest of the cool, is really THAT cool. So don’t worry about it. Go, enjoy live music, and don’t worry about Great White. A horrible fluke, yes. But a fluke none-the-less.

Good idea!

But I’m too small to pull it off.


You’re right, I just need to not worry about it.

I’m going to try to go, I’ll just scout out the exits first.

I don’t think you are that interested in going then.

You are talking yourself outta it already.

You can speculate all you want but how do you know how it will be unless you go?

It’s your life, man. LIVE IT!

I’m confused. Are you saying you’re having doubts because you’re not going to be rocking out during the show? Thats totally alright. I’ve been to numerous metal concerts. Sometimes I jump around and have a ball. Other times I just stand there and watch the band. Its no big deal. I’ve seen many other people just stand there too. Go have fun!

Let me encourage you to go,too. It’s easy to stand on the outskirts of the crowd and just watch; there will be plenty of other people there too, I bet. Added benefitt: you can watch people making fools out of themselves while dancing/moshing/whatever if you ever get bored of watching the stage during the opening bands when you’re just chillin’! Fun fun. And you CAN go by yourself. I went to my last concert all by my lonesome… it’s usually funner with a friend, sure, but there’s nothing wrong with going by yourself. You might even meet a new friend there.

sings to self My favorite band is playing in my town in Apriiiiil, my favorite band is coming to town!