I don't think this guy cares about his job anymore.

I challenge you not to laugh.


Oh gawd! (Lost the challenge).

Poor kid, that could really give her issues.

I lost and laughed and laughed!

What do I win?

What DO you do when you’re a caricaturist and a fat kid or person comes up to you? I imagine they generally don’t (unless they have a sense of humor about it)…but…

I mean, I’d assume that most people who don’t have a sense of humor about any bodily flaw would avoid the caricaturist like the plague.

Especially when the kid looks so hopelessly miserable. I actually thought the caricature made her frown look a tad less frowny.

It made that little girl look like she’s 40, too.

Funny though. I’d love to see the parent’s reaction.

You gotta split it with me.

I laughed, more at the kids face than the drawing. Still that’s just wrong. I’m sure the kids parent forced the issue, but the artist should’ve tried to ‘soften’ it up a bit. I hate when adults injure kids self-esteem.

I’m really not a pansy.

(Just wanted that on the record)

That is one turd that can’t be polished.

Sorry, I didn’t laugh at all. The kid just looks hopelessly sad and imagining what she will feel like when she sees the picture just made me sad.

This made me laugh more than the picture of the girl.

The guy could have made the nose smaller and the eyes farther apart in the picture and that might have made the picture less “fatty”. That’s what I would have done in his situation.

I think if it didn’t make her look so old it wouldn’t have been so awful. And if she wasn’t so unhappy looking in the actual shot.

I’d go with Hockey Monkey’s assessment.

No laughing here either. I just felt sorry for everyone involved. :frowning:

“Hey, kid, how about you stop GLOWERING at me?”

Nope, not laughing. Add me to the camp that feels very, very sorry for that child.

Going thru life fat sucks, and to be poked fun at like that… well, it just makes it 100 times worse.

You know who else was a street artist, right?


I was surprised, but I didn’t laugh. Most street artists try to respect (and often) flatter the people whose pictures they’re painting/drawing.

The little girl is not too happy about the procedure, otherwise she’d be rather pretty. She’s still at an age where she has baby fat. It’s unnecessarily cruel to treat her that way, and I hope that picture was photoshopped.

Otherwise, the OP is right in the sentiment expressed in the title of this thread.