I don't think threads should be censored

It’s as well-known as SNAFU . . . to who?
'Cause my money is on more people not knowing it’s an acronym than do know.

I think you are wrong. It’s surely not a euphemism I’ve ever seen before. And honestly, it didn’t occur to me it WAS a euphemism, I assumed you were referring to a thread about some guy whose name I didn’t recognize.

In contrast, I’ve seen “snafu” scores, probably hundreds, of times. I admit I don’t usually think of the words it’s an acronym for when I see it, though, so it wouldn’t be an ideal reference if the thread name was “XYZ is fucked up” or something.

I’m going to pile on with the others and say that if you want to refer to a thread it’s helpful if you do so very explicitly. And I, too, get annoyed by references that seem to assume I have read every thread on the forum.


The point was that I don’t think some robot should be censoring our threads.

No robot is censoring our threads.

I understood Charlie Foxtrot well enough, but I’m sure that there are some who don’t. Perhaps in the future, you might refer to the thread in question as the “Clusterflop” thread? It’s close enough that everybody should understand the thread you’re referring to.

How about Custardfork?
Is there really some compelling need to bowdlerize the word fuck on an adult messageboard? If someone really prefers not to use the word, it’s easy enough to call it the “Trump thread” or something and just link to it.

I like CustardFudge. Or ClusterFudge.

Or be explicit: “The trump administration, a clusterf*** in the making” is pretty explicit, despite the whitewashing.

No, just closing them. And it is stupid. It’s one of the things showing that the designer of Discourse fundamentally did not understand forums and their communities. It’s obvious this would happen. Just like it’s obvious a poster who people didn’t like would wind up getting their posts hidden. But at least that had a way out, while auto closing is ridiculous.

Since Discourse is a fait accompli, and it appears these “features” can’t be shut off, what the mods need is a Reddit style automod which is just a bot-run account that can just go through and fix these. Surely there’s some list somewhere of all closed threads, and any not explicitly closed by a mod could be automatically reopened. And all hidden posts could be unhidden.

Alternatively, if that can’t be done practically , maybe give Level 3 users the ability to also unhide posts and reopen threads, but tell them only to use it there’s no mod notice saying they locked it? (You could always defrock anyone who abuses it.) That way there’s someone around to undo the stupidity.

I am not aware of any definition for “Charlie Foxtrot”. You could be talking about corn flakes for all I know.

So it’s hypocritical of you to complain about a bot censoring threads when you’re too sensitive to use the word “fuck.” Come on, we’re all adults here.

Apparently not all of us.

It’s not. This is the first I heard of it as a euphemism for “clusterfuck”.

Or just write “clusterfuck”. What’s the big deal?

It would probably would be ironic if this got closed due to flags, but I closed it manually. This has just developed into a clusterfuck of pointless bickering and insults.

Flags are capable of getting a thread closed on Discourse, but only temporarily. If I see such a thread, I will generally open it, unless it’s a clusterfuck like this one.