I don't understand this usage of "brb" [in weightlifting forums]

I’ve been perusing bodybuilding.com and a few other similar sites lately for some exercise tips, but unfortunately I feel like I come away a little dumber each time so I’m going to stop doing it.
However I’ve noticed it’s fairly common to see something like this:
brb protein is necessary for growth
brb this is not how to do squats

Er, what? Isn’t brb the abbreviated form of be right back? Does it mean something else in exercising circles? The listed statements often seem like they could be sarcastic but I’m not sure.

If you have a mod change the thread title to mention that you’re looking at weightlifting forums, you might catch Jamie’s attention. That’s probably your best bet.

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t stand for anything, it’s just used as a bullet point:

It’s possible it has some sort of origin as something flippant like Be Righteous Bro, but it has been copied so often it basically just means “take note”

Hmmmm… “But Remember, Bro”?

Good idea. Parenthetical added to thread title.

‘brb’ is definitely related to weightlifting/bodybuilding/gym somehow. This siteasks about it as a hated tla, but nobody says what it means. Urban dictionaryuses it in the definition of ‘atg’ (at the gym), but I can’t find a definition there for ‘brb’.

Out of all the Urban dictionaray definitions for ‘brb’#50 and #55 are the ones that come closest to explaining this.

This site is saying it means ‘be right back’ and it’s been overused to the point that it’s become a speech pattern on the body builder forum, and as result no longer has meaning.

That’s my guess, something akin to this.

I have a coworker that will literally say things like “L-O-L No” instead of just “No” or “Touche” instead of “You’re right”. I honestly don’t think he understands what touche means, but they just become catch phrases for him. It looks, to me, like that’s what’s going on with brb in the OP. It’s just become a useless catch phrase with no actual meaning behind it anymore.

Especially on BB.com, Misc Subforum, AKA the Cesspool of the Internet, BRB is used more as a posting style, than as an acronym. Almost as a way to highlight the relevant point you are trying to make.

An example of using it as a positive declaration would be;

OP: “Read an article, claimed that Arnold only ate Organic Food in his prime.”

Response 1. “BRB, blowing up Monsanto.”

Response 2. “BRB, buying a tractor and some land.”

A negative example would be;

OP: “Just started squatting, is it safe to not use a cage?”

Response 1. “BRB, calling Ambulance for you brah.”

Response 2. “BRB, making chiropractor appointment.”

At this point, it’s used so much that it probably makes an appearance in 95% of threads on that, and other related forums.

buy 'roids, bro!

It caught my attention but I don’t have any useful info to add. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. No idea.

If this is the common usage then I think it really does mean “Be Right Back”, or at least originally did. The poster is not actually leaving the discussion. It’s just a way of narrating something he is doing, implying he is leaving the discussion to go do it.

“Be right back, turning on irony meter.”
“Be right back, putting on tinfoil hat.”
“Be right back, bangin your mother.”

After reading through the thread jackdavinci linked, I would say that your instincts are quite good.

Yeah that one was quite a peach, but I’d say a fair representation of threads there.
It seems as jackdavinci and Glass Joe say that brb is used as little more than a bullet point. I’d bet most of the users of this style have no idea why they’re even doing it.

Just another example of how manglage is constantly evolving. (I don’t use language in this case, as they may not actually be communicating anything; they might just be mangling the language out of habit.)

Serious suggestion, if you are a member of that forum why not ask on those forums? Post back and let us know the answer!

It’s been asked already on the forums before (see link) and about 90% of the answers are “it means be right back phaggot”. I had to wade through about seven or eight different threads asking the same question before finding one in which anyone even understood the question let alone gave any semblance of actual answer.