I Dream of Cecil

Seriously. Last night I had a dream that Cecil appeared in. Some people were talking to him as we all went to … Do something… On my old college campus. I don’t remember what. But people were refering to him by name, and I felt I had to at least see what he looked like and dispel the myth (in my mind) once and for all. Weird, huh?


Was she black?


Anyone know the best way to remove iced coffee from a monitor?

Whoa, spooky–I, too, had a recent dream about the Master. I was at work, and he had come to pick up his prescription. I recognized the name and became a fawning fangirl.

Oddly, he looked much like a ‘real life’ version of Dibb from ‘Invader Zim’.

Became?? Oh, come on, BBF… “Fawning Fangirl” is your Indian name :slight_smile: