I dreamed a Seinfeld episode

Actually just a scene, but it really worked.

Elaine is is J. Peterman’s office helping him record a series of messages to automatically play over the office PA system in the event of an emergency- “Fire! Prometheus’s gift has turned against it’s masters” You get the idea. The gag is that the messages gradually become for more and more ridiculous and unlikely events. Tsunami, nuclear war, etc. The last message is for if they discover that they are merely characters in an fictional world. “Don’t despair, for as the Bard said, ‘All life’s a Stage, and we are merely players’” Elaine then interrupts him and asks if they all turn out to be fictional, isn’t Shakespeare fictional, too?

Just thought I’d share.

I find your dream interesting and would like to subscribe to your dream diary.

That’s deep, man. DEEP.

Pretty funny! Flaming globes of Sigmund!

But, what if Seinfeld was still on TV?

I almost posted, “Write it down, while it’s still fresh in your mind”, and then thought about that for a second.

I once dreamed an episode of that horrible show Workaholics. Woke me up laughing.


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I once dreamed I was at Hogwarts. Apparently, in the dream, I was an American-born, presumed Muggle, who somehow saw Hogwarts, and was convinced to join the student body by the kids, with Dumbledore’s support.

I wrote fan fiction about it and shared online, it was uniformly panned by fans. Basically, I was writing this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter_and_the_Methods_of_Rationality which I first heard about in this board years after I wrote my fan fic. But mine was not as well written.

Seriously people, don’t write fan fiction. If you’re good, write your own fiction.

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OP: Your dream sequence was nice — made me smile.

I was watching a Youtube collection of Elaine breaking character (mostly by smiling, laughing! breaking up). It included a Peterman scene around the 6:30 mark that reminded me how great/absurd that character was.

Aside: the Elaine “bloopers” video was also a reminder of the cast “caste system”, in that the stars could collapse with laughter, but the minor characters had to stay focused. John O’Hurley was in the middle ground, and permitted himself a brief smile while Jerry and Julia were snorting.

I dreamed a hamburger was eating me!

I would imagine that this is true for most shows. The regulars are pretty secure in their jobs. recurring characters and especially extras are on much thinner ice.

I also recall it was tick Michael Richards off how often the stars would break character and laugh during the filming of a scene.