Wow, The Seinfeld characters really were assholes!

Maybe not Kramer, well he might cause some traffic trouble but he is generally a goofy eccentric.

The rest of the gang?:eek: I mean I’m surprised there wasn’t an episode where they called in an anonymous report of child molestation on a foreign neighbor just cuz their funny accent annoyed them. Then giggle when they hear he has been deported.

I mean a lot of the antics watching them now versus as a kid, aren’t even very funny. Mugging the old woman because she dare buy a loaf of bread?

EDIT:If these were actual real life people, you’d say the hell is wrong with you? It isn’t even the episodes with stuff like eating out of the garbage, but actually hurting people for no real reason.

That woman was being completely unreasonable. Jerry offered her $50 for $9 load of bread! She could’ve taken the $50 and gone back to the bakery the following day and gotten five loaves and still have $5 left over.

Doesn’t give Jerry the right to rob her and insult her, it isn’t like she was being unreasonable about the last copy of a photo of Jerry’s mother or something.

It strikes me Jerry and Elaine are by far the nastiest characters, they often cause problems and make no attempt to apologize even. And the show is real enough feeling that it feels different than the comedic sociopath thing common today.

Finale Spoiler

It seemed very unfair that he was sent to prison with the other three. Guilt by association.

I just looked up an episode at random on the wiki, Jerry is bouncing checks at bodegas, Kramer gets convinced to enter his pet chicken in cock fighting, George is aroused by the idea of a women’s prison and then intentionally tries to sabotage a female prisoner’s parole hearing! Because he likes interacting with her behind bars. And Elaine dumps her fiancee because he is balding and can’t help it.

A random episode.

If it’s any consolation, it is remarkably satisfying to read that. As someone who noticed while the show was still on the air that it was about tremendously unpleasant people doing nasty things to the roar of a laugh track that seemingly went off at random, hearing everyone and their mother praise the show made me wonder whether it’s wasn’t some sort of sadistic experiment; ‘the emperor’s new comedy’. I’m glad time has given perpspective.

this is also why I can’t enjoy The Sopranos: the characters are literally criminals

um, grude, that was the entire plot of the show. It was a show about a handful of stereotypical NYC dwellers doing “nothing.”

And Scarface, and The Godfather too! Unpleasant criminals and thugs, the lot of them!

Don’t get me started on those Simpsons!

A lot of those aren’t even in the same genre.

We sympathize with Tony originally, then we lose that sympathy, the point of the movie.

The Simpsons like Family Guy is so absurd and dare I say cartoonish it can work, hah hah Stewie nuked Sweden!

Seinfeld seems like it wants us to love these goofy lovable losers, but it starts grating. And a lot of the early episodes they aren’t a-holes really, just goofy.

Anyway the point of the thread was back when it first aired I said hah yea they’re just goofy, but now some episodes aren’t even funny. And the tone of the show is just right it doesn’t work exactly.

Which is why it was cancelled after a 9 year run and why it continues on in syndicated re-runs, well after the last show in May of 1998. Not funny and doesn’t work.

Some episodes do, they work very well. Some episodes…yea wow these are unpleasant people doing nasty things.

I thought their repeated claim of it being “about nothing” was somehow a bit self- congratulatory- as if it were edgy experimentation, when really (imho) it wasn’t that much different than any other sit- com, albeit with (again imho) unpleasant people.

I submit for your consideration any “Housewives” show from any city.

Say what you will but I think it’s a formula that works for a large proportion of TV audiences.

At least with Seinfeld, it was very clear (to most) that it was all parody.

Wow, arguing from popularity, and on the SD no less.

What is the phrase - the masses are asses? Just because it is popular doesn’t mean it has to be good. Or should we all talk about how wonderful any show with Kardashians in it are?

I see grude’s point. I think the characters are jerks, but I have lots of friends whose opinions I trust that love the show. And the characters weren’t anywhere near as bad in the first season. I still love the “space pen” episode, but watching most any other episode makes me all stabby.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I took liberties, given we’re not in GD forum. :slight_smile:


The characters HAVE to be assholes, otherwise the show would be 100X more uncomfortable than The Office. If you don’t care about the characters, it makes it difficult to feel bad for them, or feel awkward. It’s possible, but more difficult.

It’s humor through hyperbole. The act out what we might secretly fantasize doing, but in reality wouldn’t want to do, or know we shouldn’t do.

An old woman takes the last bread you wanted. Most likely you’ll smile and say “that’s alright”. How fun it is to imagine ripping it out of her hands and running away. Of course we don’t want to be assholes, but it’s fun to see it acted out and live vicariously through them. Much humor involves hyperbole or people doing things that are socially unacceptable.

Their “It’s about nothing” line fits in with the ideology of the show “Now hugs and nothing learned”. These weren’t morality plays to teach the characters good lessons. The characters were who they were and it was fun to watch them, the good, the bad and ugly of it.

It wasn’t canceled, Jerry Seinfeld refused to make another season in spite of the fact that they were offering him millions to do so. Which makes your point even stronger, I think.