I dunno what Ray had in mind

I don’t care how many decimal places you know it to. I just want to know why it was named after the 16th letter of the Greek Alphabet?

Ray (Why not American



Nano, if you’re going to post invisible topic, you should at least do us the courtesy of having the secrets of the Illuminati in the OP. Heck, if you were posting about Scientology we could speculate about how They Had Gotten To You. This is no fun.

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Damn! Who gave this thread a title and ruined my (weak) joke?

This topic has been surgically altered.

Shit! Sorry, dude.

'Sokay. Not many people would have gone to the effort to get into an invisible thread anyhow.

This thread was my first attempt at the “Pi” thread:

I stupidly tried to put only an HTML tag in this one’s heading, and it thus showed no title at all.

Nickrz, maybe you should further demostrate your surgical talents by burying your patient. . .in order to put it out of its misery.

Ray (who should’ve remained as nameless as this thread)

Invisible Threads - GQ for the imperceptible man?

“Pi” is for “perimeter”.

John W. Kennedy
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You think Sue Grafton will use that for her next book? She’s up to P, isn’t she? And “P is for Pneumonia” doesn’t have the ring to it of “Pi is for Perimeter”…