I feel betrayed by the Sony PSP

I thought this system was great when I bought it shortly after launch. It had a very respectable launch lineup that was considerably larger than the Nintendo DS and the majority of the games recieved fairly high reviews with very few total stinkers

Flash forward to now and there have been only been a couple of games released since launch. Except for those stupid UMD movies which are overpriced and I hope people aren’t buying.

I routinely go into Gamestop looking for SOME game to buy for my PSP and for the last couple months there hasn’t been ANYTHING for me to buy. It sucks.

Meanwhile the DS seems to be releasing new games on a fairly steady schedule.

I love the PSP hardware and it has not disappointed. But I’m VERY disappointed by the lack of new software on this thing. It sucks.

Nintendo has had a chokehold on the handheld video game market since 1989. Dozens of competitors have failed since then. For that reason, I never trust new handheld systems to last anymore. I though the PSP had a shot, but I haven’t been keeping up with it,

My company’s working on a PSP title. Can’t tell you more than that about it, though.

I tend to agree- there aren’t a lot of games out right now. Fewer movies, as well- but I tend to copy my DVDs onto the PSP. There’s no way I’m going to buy an extra copy of my movies just so I can watch 'em on the handheld.

My wife had bought me a PSP for my first Father’s Day with one game, and while I absolutely loved the idea and gesture, I couldn’t justify keeping it with its high price and limited library. Fortunately, she had bought it from Walmart.com and I was able to return it to the local b&m and get a full refund (including shipping!), which I then spent buying a DS with 5 games, GBA and DS (plus the free Mario game it came with), and still have $50 or so left over.

She just got back from North Dakota visiting her parents and was able to pick up 6 more GBA used titles for under $100.

I MAY get a PSP someday and it is truly stunning, but right now, I want to play games: rpgs, strategy games, platformers, and the GBA/DS is the only competitor.

I’ve been very happy with my DS, and I’ve never regretted choosing it over the PSP, which I think is overpriced.

Nintendo may have a chokehold on the handheld market as Loopus says, but there’s a reason for it: They are damned good at handhelds and they deliver what people want.

Personally, I can’t wait for the Organizer Plus cartridge to come out for the DS. If it’s as good as I hope it will be, I’ll dump my Palm.

I think for most people the GBA is still probably the best quality/value combination by a pretty decent bit. The PSP is a great system with few games, and the DS is a mediocre system with a bunch of games… the GBA is a very good system with a great selection of games, and cheaper than either of the others. If you don’t need the latest technology I don’t really think it’s much of a contest.

Does the DS play Gameboy carts? I have a GBA that broke, I think I shorted something out when I plugged in a 3rd party screen light.

It will play GBA carts. Though I personally just love the old-syle GBA stuff way more than the new 3-d handhelds. Still, the amount of miniaturization on the DS is amazing.

It plays GBA games, but unlike the GBA itself, it won’t play GB games. A bit of a shortcoming for people who still like the old games (and there are a few that are indeed still good).

I have a DS, and put money down on it as soon as I could.

I Don’t get why people Bash Nintendo. You can’t cut your teeth on Mario… and Go Running off to Master Chief or Crash Bandicoot.

Research the history of Nintendo… and you will find out how it got the short end of the stick multiple times… and you will find out that Sony (And Microsoft) have no right to have the fanbase it has.

The 64, for one, was one of the msot god-awful things ever. The Mini-Cube took over a year to have any non-kiddy games on it (and frankly, the handful that are good now aren’t worth buying the system).

Oooh…if there’s one thing that gets on my nerve, it’s N64 bashing. N64 was a great system, it just didn’t have nearly the amount of games the Playstation did. The big mistake was sticking to cartridges, which basicdally made it impossible for them to make a decent RPG, and thus, a huge fanbase of people that grew up on Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger had to go to Sony to get their RPG fix. But the N64 was more powerful. Plus, how many people today still talk about the great games of the PSOne? Yeah, people talk about Symphony of the Night and FFVII, but for N64, there was:

Mario 64
Ocarina of Time
F-Zero X
Rougue Squadren
Mario Kart 64
Super Smash Brothers
Mario Party

These games were HUGE, and had a large impact in the world of gaming. Goldeneye has a good chance at being the best multiplayer platform game ever, and Ocarina of Time was so good, that many people bought an N64 just to play it.

The Gamecube…well, yeah, kind of kiddy. Although as odd as Zelda: Windwaker looks, the gameplay was fantastic. And F-Zero-GX was good, and Metroid Prime is the best metroid ever. But I can’t argue against not buying one, sicne I haven’t yet either (though once the new Zelda comes out, I will have to get one…)

You won’t hear me N64 bash anytime soon (all the games you mentioned plus a few others… though really Goldeneye all-nighters alone were worth it), but the PSOne had possibly the best game selection of any system, ever. Particularly if you’re into RPGs (I could name them all day), but it also had a bunch of other great platform type games (Crash Bandicoot games, MGS), the best sports games of its era (the first few GameDay games caused EA to get off its ass and update Madden to what it basically is now, among others - there was basically no competition from the cart-based N64), and all sorts of other stuff.

Nintendo’s problem is that other than its own long-running series (Mario and variants, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, etc), it has had a LOT of trouble getting decent games developed for two full generations now on consoles. (Oh, also the silly controller decisions they’ve made for both of those generations, but I think that sort of thing can be overcome by good games).

/end hijack

As I mentioned earlier, I think GBA is still a better system, all things told, than either the DS or the PSP.

Anyone who thinks the Cube is “kiddy” has obviously not played Eternal Darkness; Sanity’s Requium, or the Resident Evil series, specifically RE4…

I picked up a DS (used) a few weeks ago, and i’ve been very impressed with it, thought the touch-screen was going to be a gimmick, but it works incredibly well and is just durn cool to boot, definitely gives you a new way to interact with your games beyond the standard d-pad and buttons

i was considering a used PSP, but once you got past the “gee whiz” factor, it really didn’t have that many real innovations, yes it has a gorgeous screen and the ability to play movies (but on yet another proprietary DVD format :rolleyes: ) but the last thing i need is another DVD player

i decided to take a chance on the DS, traded in my GBA SP and a couple games i never play, and got the DS for $60, picked up Meteos (incredibly good puzzler, right up there with Tetris) and put a preorder on Nintendogs (the one with the Siberian Husky)

the only problem with Nintendogs is that they’re doing a “Pokemon” on us, and splitting the dogs onto different cards, if they were going to do this, why not group the dogs according to breed size, have an “anklebiter” card with the chihuaua, toy poodle, toy dachsund, etc…, a “midsize” card with the Spaniels, Pugs, etc, and a “fullsize” card with the Lab, the Golden Retriever, Husky, German Shepherd, etc…

i don’t see myself playing with the Shih-Tzu on the Dachsund cart, and i won’t be playing the toy Poodle on the Lab cart, and definitely would never play the Chihuaua on the Chihuaua cart either…

to get back on subject, i may purchase a PSP once the price comes down…way down, but right now, there’s no “killer app” on the PSP that calls to me

I think you’ll find these bolded parts are why people like to N64 bash. I don’t care how powerful the system is, or what kinds of cool features it has, if I can’t get good games on it then the system is worthless. Of the games you’ve listed, Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party are the only ones I really care for (oddly enough, I don’t have either). I’m a big RPG fan–I’ve never much liked Zelda (I suck at it), I’ve only met a handful of fighters that I’ve ever liked (Smash Brothers is not one of them), and stuff like F-Zero X and Goldeneye just doesn’t interest me. I’ve never even heard of Rougue Squadren, so I can’t comment on that one.

I have both a N64 and a PSOne. Of the two, it is easier for me to find games I like for the latter. And some of the best PSOne games can still be bought brand new.

There are valid complaints about the N64. I owned one and I agree that there were a handful of some truly great games released on that system. Unfortunately there weren’t nearly enough decent games released on the N64 to satisfy my gaming needs. I don’t even play console RPGs but the lack of decent games on the Nintento is what prompted me to purchase a PS2.