I Feel Deflated After the Closing of "Damn Fool War"

First of all, I don’t want to turn this into political debate (debacle?) like that was. I want the mods to close this if it turns out the same way.

With that said, I am deflated and disappointed that Damn Fool War has closed. I was really getting into naita and Artemius’s arguing. It was kind of fun, but that’s also why I stay out of great debates.

How do you feel the closing of Damn Fool War?

That should be Great Debates. It’s a proper name.


Well, will anyone else post? Hello?

To be honest, after reading the article on the day released, I smiled, then headed over to the CoCA board.

Opened the link and within a few posts I found some cranky person telling Cecil “shame on you” (I laughed at their pathetic play to the emotions) and then ran into the ones that said something along the lines of “due to Cecil’s bias, I cannot take his words for granted anymore” (being the case, they must not believe anything in the US media).

After that, I yawned, closed the link, and said “Typical” and have not returned.

You really missed a show. It was an internet version of “Politically Incorrect” with many more guests. The intensity was amazing.