I feel like an alien sometimes.

I honestly feel like I have almost nothing in common with most people. I don’t care about sports, I don’t think children and dogs are cute, I could care less about honoring military veterans or being patriotic, I don’t have any problem with the government or politicians, I prefer cold weather over hot weather, I don’t understand the appeal of revenge or the death penalty, I don’t feel close to my family and I dislike rap, classic rock and country music. I couldn’t care any less about owning a nice car or house all I want is enough money to travel and not have to worry about being broke all the time. Working hard is overrated and I’m sick of how everyone takes pride in being so damn busy.

Most people just seem to be really banal and mean spirited, not that I think I’m better or anything because I don’t really. Does anyone else feel the same way? I am pretty bubbly in general but I have become more reclusive because the Internet and spending time with people I know makes me realize how unhappy, angry and boring the vast majority (70-95%) of people are. I mostly just wanna spend time alone these day and hopefully find a girl who is on the same page as me so I’m not totally by myself and maybe start some kind of colony of like minded individuals.

I’ve always felt like a black sheep among the human race.

Dude, you are tragically hip. Cool.

That’s another thing I’m not really into, sarcasm! I find it really overplayed especially in this generation. :dubious:

I think you’ll find a lot of that here, anyway.

I do sometimes amuse myself by imagining how utterly different the world would be if more people were like me.

How about the ability to not take yourself too seriously? How does your generation feel about that?

Oh I’m very goofy. I just find sarcasm is usually pretty mean spirited and often borders upon bullying!

You have to realize that at one time or another pretty much everybody feels exactly the same way that you do. I don’t think you can get through the teen years (sometimes early 20’s) without thinking you’re the one special snow flake that no-one understands.

So if you’re in that age range, don’t worry, it will pass. Life has a way of making you care about the things you don’t want to care about right now.

Seriously though you just described a ton of people. Everyone thinks they are alone in the world.

Frankly though I am mostly what you’ve described except I admit that I am totally mean spirited and as banal as everyone else (because everyone’s banal to someone).

Let me use a bit of sarcasm then - you’re just a special snowflake, eh?

and do what, exactly?

No I honestly do feel like an alien. The older I get the more I realize I have nothing in common with most people. It’s kind of depressing, I’m not just saying it to sound cool. :rolleyes:

And BTW I’m not that young … I’m 24.

Spend time alone. With a girl. And others. Who are also alone. But together.

You mentioned all the things you don’t like. What do you like? There have got to be people who share your interests if you can express them.

Why, that’s positively ancient! I hope you didn’t break any brittle fingerbones typing that.

I watch this show called “Girls” on HBO. Maybe you know it? Anyway, every time I watch it I think to myself, ‘No fucking way people this age are this whiny, lost, clueless and self-indulgent!’

And then along comes someone to prove me wrong.

There’s a girl out there just like you and you’re perfect for each other with a love so transcendent that poets would write sonnets about it, but because she is just like you you’ll never, ever meet. Kind of a bummer if you thnk about it. Try not to.

You will find that many others here are not that young, so do not feel bad you whippersnapper! :wink:

More seriously, I was an alien, but then I became an American citizen (Ok that came funny too, but you know what I mean) I think that you do not know what **really **means to have nothing in common with a group of people, but one learns and gets better.

And even in the old country I was a very odd fellow, so do not feel as if there are no others like you out there.

Well it’s not as old as a lot of people here I’m sure but no I’m not some angsty 16 year old. I consider mid-20s firmly and fully adult though yes I am immature in some ways not gonna lie.

And btw you guys are proving my point that people are banal and mean. Thank you :smack::smiley:

That’s all you want? To be independently wealthy? What’s your plan, snowflake?

You are banal. We are mean.

Traveling, cats, intellectual/compassionate people, linguistics, my family (sometimes), my friends, rare coins, being romantic. Oh and food. Definitely food.

No not wealthy. I mean it would be nice but as long as I can travel once or twice a year. I get along fine now but I would like more. Working 50-60 hours a week just sounds miserable, I’d rather work part time for crap money than work that much for good money. Why bother if you don’t even have time to enjoy your money?