I feel obligated...

To note my 500th post.
Thanks to all the great people that have made this a welcome place and and entertaining diversion from mundane things like working during the day,
… or sleeping when it’s nighttime;).

I won’t name names [sub]to protect the …uhh, innocent[/sub]*, but I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you and I look forward to learning some little wee thing almost every day!
Sorry about the dismal posts lately, but this board has helped me to vent and just typing “out loud” makes coping a lot easier.

If you insist on the drunken debauchery, I have a teleporter here for all you far flung Dopers and several kegs of Guinness.
The smoking section is over in the corner under the black velvet Jerry Garcia,
(can I impose on you Coldfire, to stop by the coffeehouse on your way by?)
… and a there’s nice big table of Dim Sum for the munchies (don’t worry Zenster, it’s from Phoenix and there’s plenty more where that came from)!

The Jello wrestling pit is only about a third full right now so be careful in there!!

  • I’d just forget someone and end up in the Pit! There’s a reason I got out of sales;)

Go out for a tub of rib tips and get over it!

Lubs ya!

Thanks Zenster, but the last tips I had almost cost me a gall bladder!! I’ll stick to the excessive alcohol as my liver seems much sturdier!
Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

MikeG, if you’ve got two bottles of champagne, I’m ready for Jello wrestling.

:: hands over the last bottle of Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale::

I’ve got a Double Magnum of Paul Masson for the Dopefest!
However it’s from 1980 and best left as a plaything… err…display piece;)


Good for you. :smiley:

And Gunslinger is our first door prize winner!
Tell him what he’s won, Johnny!
“You’ll be the talk of the range when you swagger in with your new Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle! To keep away would be thieves, we’ll also throw in a beautifully cistomised and ported HK P7M13/MP5K with matching serial numbers and fitted case”

Remember to PREVIEW–I’m sure you meant to spell that “circumcised.”:smiley:

Bad servant! No prize for yu!

Congrats on your…ummm…excessive posting? :smiley:

Congrats, Mike!

hops in Mike’s lap and gives him a smooch

Falcon, you’d get my well worn copy of My Side Of The Mountain if I only knew where it was :frowning:

Ummmm…dare I ask why? :slight_smile:

smooches again, because yer just so cool!


Happy 500! Who wants to Jello wrestle me?

'cause I think of you when I think of that book! it’s the story of a boy who runs off and lives on a (Surprise!) mountain. He finds a young injured peregrine falcon, takes care of it and they become bestest friends:). I really liked this book as a kid and it fostered my interest in raptors in general.

Congrats Mike! Glad to see ya made it this far. Lesser men have run screaming into the streets.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe hypergirl is looking for a wrestling partner…and I figure with the two of us going at it, we won’t be alone long!

Congratulations, MikeG! tosses confetti

I’ve been in a pizza sort of mood, so I stopped on the way over and picked up some from Lou Malnati’s. If you would be so good as to provide me with some rum to go with it, this could turn into a kicking party.

Sorry, trying to read this and IRC is a bit of a hassle.
::tosses confetti playfully into the air::
Here’s some Bacardi 151, or if it’s cold, Cap’n Morgan and mulled apple cider