I feel so bad for my ex (weather related)

I took three beach vacations this summer. Two of them were just extended long weekends, but one was an actual, bona fide vacation. I went to Martha’s Vineyard. My assessment of it? Fucking awesome! My assessment of the weather? Except for a few isolated pockets of yuck, it was fucking awesome. Temps generally between 75 and 95, not a cloud in the sky. On all 3 vacations, I got to the beach every day. That’s 13 beach days total, not including the day I spent with my ex. The weather that day was also fucking awesome.

One must remember that going to MV for more than a day is not something done on a whim. It takes planning. It takes reservations. It takes money. It’s a major event, and one that has to be carefully thought out well in advance.

And I had such a fucking awesome time, I convinced my ex that she should go. So she did. Yesterday.

The weather Saturday was called by some the hottest day of the year. It was in the high 90s. But in one day, the season changed from late July to late October. One needs a jacket. It’s dark and gloomy. The sky is not weeping, but you can tell it’s thinking about dead puppies and famine. Rain is imminent.

And the forecast for the coming week isn’t looking much better. Thunder showers and temps in the low 70s at best. And things are always cooler on MV.

Poor girl. What a waste. I hope she has a good time anyway. Maybe the weather gods will see fit to ignore the forecast and be good to her.

Haha…that’s New England weather for you!

Yeah, sure is. But with only a few exceptions, we’ve had a consistantly excellent summer. September is usually good beach weather too. Just not this week.

If I were taking my vacation now, I’d be damned pissed!

Ouch. Poor thing. I’ve had a beach vacation seriously funkified by red tide (Florida gulf coast), and that sucked, too. But hey, it’s Florida. It happens.