I feel so violated.

My house was broken into during the week. Today, this shocking photograph was delivered. :eek: Extortion is an ugly business.

Now I feel violated. I really wish I had not clicked that link.

Ah… looks like Bert found another pigeon.

Whoever that is needs to get out into the sun more.

HA HA HA HA! Man did my boss LOVE the picture of the nude guy!!! HO HO HO HO!!! He just LOVES when naked people pop up on our work computers!

[sub]when will I learn not to click on these links?[/sub]

What did he do with your toothbrushes? :wink:

Apparently Bert is a “top”.

:LOL: That’s hillarious! Nice butt!

I wonder who took the picture…

well duh!

Ernie, of course.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I got B&E’d.”

So Bert’s a chicken hawk. Huh. You learn something new every day.

I don’t know what he’s trying to extort out of you… from the looks of that room, you don’t have shit.

Dude, they took my stamp collection and my rubber ducky. Bummer.

When will I learn not to click on the link before reading some replies.

Thanks a lot, Larry, now I have to go bleach my eyes. :slight_smile:


Careful, Booboo, sodium hypochlorite stings a bit. (That’s why Johnson’s & Johnson’s took it out of their No More Tears[sup]tm[/sup] shampoo.) But I guess a little corneal scarring is not too bad compared to the image of a muddy, hairy, naked butt lodged in your brain.
[sup]Snarf Snarf.[/sup]

I HATE you.

[sub]Why did I click it? WHYY!??!?!?

Oy vey.

I woke up today with this taped to my forehead. Bastard.