Most disgusting picture you've ever seen?

Mine would have to be link removed. Truly awful.

Idiot alert: That picture, and any others posted here are NOT safe for work.

Well, there’s another black check mark for my work i.d.

www. pretty much ups my chuck though. I’ve seen more normal looking monkeys flying out of butts.

I…um can’t tell what this is. That’s ok, I’m sure I don’t want to know.


OMG! I wish I had actually read your op.

  1. I opened it at work.
  2. I think I am going to be incredibly ill.
  3. I think I am going to be REALLY ill!

I’ll bite since all I could see was the admin’s note tell me I must be a perv.

Somebody care to provide a description?

Pictures of flesh-eating bacteria are incredibly stomach turning. I’m not giving a link because I don’t want to look at them myself. Just talking about them makes me feel queasy.

gross du hast

We locked a thread on masturbation because it was beneath us…but a rotting infant’s genitals is a-ok.


Has anyone ever seen “horsegag.avi”? I can’t even search for a link for fear that I will accidentally see it again.

I don’t think anything will surpass that goatse pic.

No, I won’t link to it.

Wow, that was disgusting. (I’m home sick today so I opened it with nary a qualm. Wish I hadn’t.)

The most disgusting pic I’ve seen, apart from Internet gore galleries, was a public safety poster in Beijing, showing photos of a bike rider who had been hit by a car. Brains on the sidewalk (literally–we’re talking bigtime traumatic head injury)

Its not that bad really.

Seen worse.

Give it time…

Okay, who the hell thought this was a good idea?

All links are being broken.

Don’t even think about doing this again.