I finally broke 100!

And I’m telling everyone. God, I’m so happy!

I usually start to fall apart around the first hole, but today, everything went perfect. I shot a 98!

Now that I’ve mastered this stupid game called golf, there doesn’t seem much point in playing anymore, but I’ll go out next weekend to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

You should have seen all the jealous looks I got at the clubhouse, when I went around shouting “98, 98, I’m so great, I’m so great!”

My golf pals said they weren’t looks of jeolousy, but of disgust and contempt, but they’re full of shit. I know jeolousy when I see it.

I am the god of golf!

Congrats on your golf accomplishment. However, I think a bunch of people are going to pass this thread over, thinking that it is a post-count celebration. (Many other post count parties have the same or similar titles).

And I’d be lucky to shoot nine holes in 300 strokes.


Gee, and I kinda thought I liked you…

OK, I’m kidding. Congrats. Even tho I know didley about golf and have no desire to learn or play, I know that 100 is a big deal… so good on ya, Slip, and I hope it’s merely the beginning of your golf goddom.

I thought this was going to be another post party. I looked at Slip’s post count before I even read the OP. My first thought was, “not quite there yet, buddy.” But now I’ve read the OP and I understand.

Congrats, Slip!

Woo hoo…I managed that feat two weeks ago…now of course the next round I shot about 110…so it was prolly just a fluke.


Congratulations! It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? Now you have to shoot for 95 the next time you play.

I’m with Odieman. I shot the proverbial round of my life a few weeks back for a 90 (with no mulligans, by the way). Next time out, same course…got a 110. How is that possible?

I don’t want to brag, but I shoot even par every time I go out.

Then again I only count the shots I feel like counting. I call it Batty-Rules. You ought to play it sometimes. The ladies go crazy for it.

Hey, I just broke 100 for the first time this summer myself!

[sub]Then again, I was bowling at the time…[/sub]

[sub]…if only my golf score was my bowling score…or even my bowling score was my golf score…<sigh>[/sub]

Congrats, Slip.

I like Batty Rules. Actually I think I use them already in many aspects of my life.

Like 1998 didn’t really count.


and well-done Slip!


A long, long time ago I looked deep inside myself for Core Values.

Worthy or not, they came down to: I’ll never join the damned Junior League and, as God as my witness, I’ll never dink around with a snobbish, exclusionary, lame-ass pseudo-sport like golf.

I’m a Marxist.
Groucho, not Karl.
Karl was a schumuck; Groucho on the other hand spoke truth…


P.S. Congratualations. I guess. Oh, piffle. Okay.

Slip, my darling lovey pie, you suck. The only time I have ever golfed, I shot 10 over par.

I no longer love you. I will send for my things.

sheesh, you’re breaking up over golf scores? It was definitely not meant to be.

Now Settlers of Catan, that’s a game I’d leave wife and kids for.

If your golf did not have a windmill on the 8th hole, I now hate you.

If you hit a moose on the fairway is that a penalty? And what if it gets caught in his rack?

Also, is that a metric 100?

I don’t understand canada at all.


What the phuck is happening to me?

I got a call this morning asking me if I’d be a fourth as there was a last minute cancellation. It’s at The Swamp, otherwise known as Lakeview, but I don’t care. Tiger Woods isn’t worthy to caddy for me, because I am The Wizard.

I shot a 114.

Did some jeolous bastard cast a spell on me?

jarbaby, Canadian golf rules state that if you hit a moose, you advance one base or half the distance to the goal line, whichever is greater.

And she who talks softly and carries a big stick, Veb herself, gave me a congrats. Sort of. How cool is that?

I’m gonna crack another Molson’s, but I know it won’t help.

I’m inconsolable.


This gives me the opportunity to tell a really funny story about a fellow doper, Cykrider. He just started golfing this past summer, and I got a great picture of him swinging. Surprisingly, he has really great form and it looks like he’s a natural. However, if you look at the picture really closely, you can tell that the ball is still on the ground. He likes to refer to it as his ‘practice shot’ picture. :slight_smile:
please don’t kill me Cyk!

Boy, that brings back memories,Tokiwoki.

I’m okay with my drives now, it’s the putts I have trouble with.

I lose concentration very easily. Birds suddenly flying out of a tree, a dog barking in the distance, an earthquake, hailstones, nuclear war - any one of these things will make me blow a putt.

excuses excuses.
it was all a fluke I tell yah.