I got my first...

Par on the golf course today.

Yes, thats right. FIRST PAR EVER!!! No, this was not a mini-golf course. It was a bona fide actual golf course.

Now, granted I didn’t get one on any hole before or any hole after. But, this is the first very clear indication that I am getting better at all at this golf thing!


Yippee! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Tiger Screeme. :wink:

Yeah but you can claim the title of “Garbage truck killer”? You better believe it takes lots of skill to tee off and hit a garbage truck driving by on a parallel road to the green. The fact it didn’t remain on the course is completely irrelevant, I gave myself a hole in one for that hole.

And congrats - though I remain the resident garbage truck slayer.

That’s cool and all, but I’m also impressed with the impressive post to view ratio on your post. Sweet!

And uh, I didn’t mean that as sarcastically as that sounded. I get a laugh out of threads with titles that are obviously drawing the crowds :wink: