I finally found it...by accident

My favorite Alice in Chains song: Nutshell on the album Jar of Flies.

For soooo long I could only vaguely remember it, knowing only that when I first heard it I loved it. Title forgotten :frowning: So I couldn’t directly search it out…

Thanks Pandora!

Feels like a little gem of life being given back to me that I didn’t realize I’d lost.

Mundane, Pointless, and I really wanted to share :slight_smile:

For a second there, I thought the song name was, “Nutshell on the Album-Jar of Flies.” Which sounds seriously psychodelic.

I finally found my passport. It was in an inside pocket of my computer bag. The bag that I’ve been dragging around with me everywhere I go for the past several years.

I’d been looking for the passport for over a year and had feared that I’d accidentally thrown it out in a box of junk during a move in 2011. I was about to apply for a new one.

I still have to apply for a new one, though, because the old one expired in 2011.

My accidentally found it tale, I usually have packages delivered to my work address. On Dec 23 or so I was wrapping presents at home and realized I didn’t have one box that was delivered to work. So I resigned myself that I needed to drive 20 minutes to work to get the box. As I got ready to leave I saw an empty box that I wanted to take to work to re-use, opened up my trunk to put it in there and there was the box of gifts. I had brought them home but forgot to unload them from the car. If I hadn’t opened the trunk I would have driven to work and looked all over for the box.

Oh, and another time I lost a TV remote from my bedroom. Gave up looking for it, I had no idea where it would have gone because I always kept it in the same spot on the nightstand. Months later it was found in a bag of shoes/purses that my then-wife had packed away, I guess the remote fell in there as she was putting stuff in the bags.