Stuff you've lost and never found

Glomming on to Viscage’s thread about losing and mysteriously finding lost objects.

A few weeks ago our Amazon firestick remote went missing. We turned the house upside down searching. This loss was especially poignant, as we had just started watching Justified and were left hanging.

That sucker just disappeared into the ether. Thank god Amazon has overnight delivery!

ThelmaLou mentioned earrings in the other thread. I’m still waiting for one of my favorite earrings to show up again. They weren’t anything especially fancy or expensive, just fake diamond/real gold studs that were just the right size that you could believe that they were real. I wore them all the time until I lost one during a weekend trip with my now ex-boyfriend four or five years ago. I replaced them with one pair that wasn’t quite as nice, and recently replaced them again with a nicer pair. But I still wish that original earring would turn up.

I lost my wedding band about 3 years ago while I was working in the yard. I gave up looking for it after about a year. Based on all the things that seem to pop up out of the ground around the house (bottle caps, marbles, pieces of glass, spark plugs, screws, etc…) I haven’t given up hope that it’ll show up someday.
Btw, I was divorced (but still friends with the ex wife) when I lost it, but still wore it on the opposite hand because it was a cool ring.

Last year at the boat launch I unlocked the dinghy, took it off the rack, and lost the key chain. I was not more than ten feet away at any time, I was still on the tarmac, not near the water or any weeds, and the keychain had a large colorful float attached.

To this day I do not know where they went. I blame mischievous water sprites.

I got my first pair of glasses several years back. I only used them for distance vision–especially driving at night, attending sports events and plays, things like that. I had a case to store them when they weren’t being used, which I kept in my pocket.

One winter Sunday evening I went out to the golf course to go snowshoeing. I wore the glasses on the drive and from, and probably while walking. The next morning I drove to and from work; I rarely if ever wore the glasses at work or while driving during the daytime; that evening I noticed that the glasses case was empty.

I never found them. Never figured out what happened to them. Looked…everywhere; well, obviously not everywhere, but they never turned up. I’m sure I’ll never know.

Our red 1/4 tsp measuring spoon went on walkabout last Sunday.

Well, there’s my virginity…

My youth.
My health.
My allegiance to any particular philosophy or political party.
My virginity.
My ability to take risks.
My teeth.
My stamina.
My ability to do math in my head.
My spelling ability.
My ability to remember people’s names.
My patience with people’s stupidity.
My attention span.
My parents, and almost their entire generation.
My tolerance for music I don’t like.
My agreement with extreme political correctness.
My handwriting.
My attempts at housework and yard work.
My ability to be alive and healthy without pharmaceuticals.
My ability to lose weight easily.
My familiarity with current technology.
My fear of death.

My copy of Bored of the Rings. Two different copies.

I have a favorite paring knife that I cannot find. I have no idea what happened to it. I know I didn’t accidentally throw it away, because my sink is not near the wastebasket. I used it so much, I simply kept it in the dish drainer and never “put it away”.

When I went away to college, I woke up without my retainer within a week of my arrival. I did get a new one without charge (they would do that with the first one) but I never did find the original. :confused:

I left a pair of socks in a Tehran hotel in 1998. I went back there in 2011 but decided not to go in and ask about them. :slight_smile:

A glass of scotch. To this day I have no idea where the glass or the scotch that was in it went. How one loses a drink as one is drinking it is a mystery, but I managed.

A small screw and a spring which went flying when I took something apart. Somewhere in my garage - can’t find either.

I can’t find my signed letter from Professor Tolkien. :smack::eek:

A bag of cool toys (including all the Tick figures) from the late '90s. We had a garage sale and the bag was in the garage (well back from the stuff for sale). I’m convinced someone spotted it and walked off with it, but I can’t prove it.

Also lost a thumb drive recently. I know it’s either in the house or my storage locker somewhere, but it’s very tiny so odds I’ll find it aren’t that great.

My digital camera, which was in a hand-knitted lime green and purple cover. I have no idea where it went or where/when I lost it. I was so proud of that case, too.

Half a tuna sandwich I put down one day, and have never found. I would have thought it would have made its presence known within a few days, but there has never been a trace of it.

This was many years ago, but I still wonder what the hell happened to it.

When I was a kid, my brother and I were fighting. He picked up a tee-ball trophy of mine and threw it at me. I ducked and it went into the closet with a BANG!

I kicked him out of the room and went into the closet to retrieve it, but couldn’t find it. Emptied the whole closet. Nada. Not on the shelves, not in a box, not bounced outside. It disappeared.

That trophy was never seen again. My brother and I both saw it go into the closet. We both heard it hit the wall inside. It wasn’t sitting on a shelf or anything. It was just gone.

We moved out of that house 30 years ago. I still wonder to this day if it ever turned up somewhere weird, giving the current owners a WTF.

Kitchen stuff has been disappearing. Five-ish years ago, we had three paring knives (green, yellow and red handles), and three cutting boards (also green, yellow and red). Today, somehow, we have one yellow knife and one red board. Where did the others go? They’re not down the back of the cabinetry, I checked! And neither of us remember/admit to EVER taking either of them out of the house. Where would we take them?!

I had a marvelous large brown leather purse that was great for traveling, sturdy and well-worn. It has disappeared. I blame my husband; he has from time to time discarded things I wanted, without asking. He swears he didn’t. I’m sure he’s lying.