Things you keep losing

Well, it just happened again: I slipped a little elastic ring (ponytail holder) out of my hair, and it disappeared somewhere on my bed. I may find it later–or not, which is why I have extras.
I also lose pens–only the cheap plastic kind, thank goodness–on a fairly regular basis. “Lose” in this case does not mean “temporarily misplaced.”

I’m just glad it’s not more serious stuff like my keys or money.

I lose keys, or more properly, keys on rings. I’m talking about sets of keys, attached to those hard lucite rectangles with ostensibly witty sayings on them. I once had one that read, “Keys I haven’t lost yet.”

Then I lost them. :smack:

Once I put down a biro I swear it disappears into an alternate universe!
And many a time I’ve spent 10 minutes looking for something that was in my hand the whole time.

Bobby pins, barrettes, and ponytail holders run away from home on me all the time. (I think they join up with those socks that escape from the dryer, leaving people with only one out of a pair when they KNOW they put both in the dryer, and keys that people kNOW they put down in “their” place).

I have a trick. I use pantyhose and tights with runs or snags in them that can no longer be worn. Those stretchy type terry cloth socks work too, if you get a hole in them, or one runs away from the dryer :smiley:

Anyway, I cut “rings” out of each leg of pantyhose or of the sock. A pair of hose or tights will yield about 20 rings. A sock about five. Then, who cares if you lose them? They were free!!!

Now, if I could only find a similar solution for the missing bobby pins and barrettes.

Those “Buy X get 1 Free” cards from restaurants. Once I get them, I lose them.

I’m still looking for half a tuna fish sandwich I put down five years ago…

Back in tech school, a friend of mine managed to lose an entire pizza. Don’t ask me how.

I have a rolodex that is apparently made out of the same stuff they make stealth bombers out of. It can be sitting in the middle of an other-wise empty table, and it will still take me ten to fifteen minutes of searching to find it.

I lost my mind a few years back.

I probably didn’t need it, anyway.

My virginity

With each new girl


Reminds me of a Bobcat routine…


I lost my job the other day. Well, I didn’t actually lose it, I still know where it is. But when I get there, SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING IT!

I lost my girlfriend the other day…


I often lose drinks. I’ll make myself a drink, set it down somewhere, and forget where I put it.

I once thought that I misplaced my retainer in 6th grade. Turns out, it was in my mouth. :smack:

Eyebrow tweezers (about six so far, and it’s only a small house to lose them in, for goodness sakes!) and scissors (lost count of how many of those).

Also, dustjackets for hardcover books. I take them off to read the book (I find them annoying otherwise) and then, when I go to put them back on…they’ve vanished! They eventually reappear, though (usually in stupid places) so it probably doesn’t count.

Fingernail clippers vanish in our humble abode. This summer I bought ten pair from Wal-Mart and distributed them throughout the house. We can’t fine ONE pair. :rolleyes: Once, I got a little chain & hooked them to the toilet paper dispenser - gone in less than 24 hours :eek: I’ve given up and advised everyone to start biting their nails.

What the hell don’t I lose? Sweatshirts may be the most frequently lost item, that goes back a long time. In the last month, I thought I lost my cell phone charger cord (nope, found it- after I bought a new one) and the cord that recharges my electric razor (also found that after buying a new one). I’m very good at keeping pens - I carry three in my pockets at all times - and it’s probably been seven years since I lost a guitar pick. So clearly I only lose things that are large enough to be easily visible. :smack:

I’m sure I’m losing my marbles. :frowning:

This includes, of course, losing
spectacles (EEK!!!)
mobile phone (though I think I might have got that one under control - ah, but only if I don’t USE it, that is. grrr
the bits of paper I use to remind myself of stuff that needs done
coffee mugs
even a nice dress - I mean how can I lose a dress my mum gave me? I uspose I put it down, in its little bag, meaning to hang it up…oh well, it cannot really have disappeared
Polo mints - useful to have at haand so as to smoke less - they run and hide too
I am jsut about OK with regard to keys though - this is because the only way my door locks is if I use the key. Rather lucky, that.

shopping - as in “Hmm but I am SURE I bought bananas. OR coffee. Or whatever.”

2 cell phones in 3 weeks…

…ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!..
I can also lose the TV remote without ever getting off the couch. How does that happen? Mr. Ruby just shakes his head in wonder and awe. :wally

I lose pens all the time too. I usually buy a 10 pack of blue Bics and by the end of a semester I’ve lost at least 3/4. Some of the pens walk off with people that need to “borrow” a pen for “just a second” or to take a test. They’re cheap, so it isn’t a huge deal, just mildly irritating. I do have a nice pen (given to me, wouldn’t buy one) and I used it and used it, but then the ink ran out, and I’ve just been too lazy to buy a refill. I didn’t lose it though.

I’m pretty good at losing jobs. I’ve yet to hold onto one for any length of time aside from my first one, which lasted just under two years.

I can never find my glasses in the morning and it’s not because I’m blind without them either (I can see perfectly fine without them and even read to a point)… I just can never remember where the hell I put them the night before. You’d think right beside my bed, but apparently not. They’re almost always a good few feet away.

My keys. I’ve lived in my apartment for a month and a half now and have already managed to lock myself out once. I also forgot the keys to the car I was using at a different time.

My memory,

my reading glasses. I have 4 pair scattered about the house in the rooms where I will most likely use them. I have a pair on a cord that I wear around my neck. This afternoon, I was idly wondering where that pair was when I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. There, around my neck, were my glasses.

Most arguments with my SO,

anything that is not nailed down or too heavy to move. Every day is a treasure hunt. My SO is ADD/OCD and is constantly moving things and putting them in weird places. I cannot do anything with first searching the house for the item.