Things that you are constantly misplacing or losing.

I must own at least 5 retractable sewing tape measures and the regular tape measures. I need to use one at least five or six times a day Ebay

I can never find them. Ever.
And Pens seem to mysteriously disappear from the pen cup from whatever room I am in when I need one. But when I don’t need one, there.they.are.
There are forces of evil at work.

Guitar Picks. I play/practice/rehearse between 3-5 hours a day, and probably have over 25 guitar picks at any given time. Yet I never have one when I first sit down to play, and have to go looking in any number of hidey-holes (pants pockets, guitar cases, change jars) EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Nail clippers. I keep buying new ones, so we must have around eight - and I can never find one.

It is now a family joke that I will lose my watch somewhere in the house. I lost it for nearly 3 days last year when I stayed with my sister. :smack:

When I was renovating my house, I eventually gave up and bought at least two of every tool that cost under $20.00, hammers, prybars, screwdrivers, box cutters, drill cases, and so on. And I have at least four tape measures and still was never able to find one. The theory is that with two of everything, I should double the odds of finding at least one. The practical result is that I also have twice the amount of stuff to sift through.

I should have bought some fluorescent paint and tagged everything.

I lose track of my current pocket knife for weeks at a time.

Whenever I need a particular type of screwdriver, that’s the only type I can’t find.

Other than that, the only thing I keep losing is my patience.

I routinely lose my cell phone for two or three days at a time. Invariably I find it on the floor of my room or under my driver’s seat.

My undergraduate affectation was to write with fountain pens. And I lost them all the time. They were the cheap ones, so losing them was more significant than losing a Bic but not as traumatic as losing a valuable pen. I typically had 2-3 in my backpack at any given time.

But the weird thing was that I eventually reached some kind of equilbrium, where if I lost a pen, within a week I would find a different old fountain pen that I’d lost months ago. It’d be fall and I’d get my winter coat out from the back of the closet, and hey, lookithat, a fountain pen in the pocket! Or I’d drop something between the couch cushions and while I was fishing around in there, I’d pull out that green fountain pen I must lost during finals week. Or one of my friends would show up and say, “You’re the only person I know who uses fountain pens, so you must have been the one who left this at my house.”

We called it the Law of Conservation of Fountain Pens.

Nowadays, I own two (2) good Watermans and they are not allowed to wander away from my desk.

My husband gets mad at me because I can’t keep track of the remote, though. It always ends up getting lost under the afghan, or the cat, or me.

Sunglasses. Dammit.

Nail-clippers, lip balm (Burt’s Bees, Baby!) , tape (both Scotch & packing), scissors, college/grad school transcripts and before I got prescriptions ones, sunglasses.

I’ve found that if I pay $$$ for something I’m less likely to loose it.

Ha! Sequential thread titles. This and I’m afraid of Tampons.

My mind.

I need to own several hairbrushes. My mum borrows them and then forgets what she’s done with it.

I always misplace my phone.

I did this with hair ties instead of fountain pens. I would buy a pack and when I couldn’t find any in my room, I would buy a new pack. Eventually there were so many lost hair ties in my room that there was always a couple in plain site when I got ready in the morning.

Later after I moved out, my brother stayed in my room for a week or so to call me comlaining about the thousands of hair ties that came exploding out of every crevice of my room with every movement.

Ugh, I have to call from my home phone to find where I’ve put my cell down.
Keys. I have four sets of all the same keys. The last time we moved, The moving men picked up the sofa and two sets of keys fell out.

I don’t even know my own number, so I have to get someone else to do it!

Found in large numbers one time we moved:

hair brushes



extension cords.
I don’t understand the extension cords. I couldn’t remember buying more than one or two. And I’m sure the kids never bought any. There were ten of them!

Sunglasses. I’ve had to make sure to have multiple pairs around at all times since I tend to leave them in the car, or in the house, or on a desk, or somewhere else.

All of the above - keys, sunglasses, pens, tape measures, drewscrivers, remote controls, nail clippers, nail files and the cordless phone.

Paperclips - I keep buying boxes of them and they keep disappearing. Conversely, every time I open the closet door, it appears that the wire hangers have multiplied. I’ve finally concluded that paper clips are the larval stage of wire hangers.

Nail clippers. I probably buy 2 - 3 sets a year yet can never find them. It’s ridiculous!