I finish a little model project

A couple three nights ago, I put the final coat of dullcoat on a figure kit I’ve been fiddling with for a long time, in between other projects.

A little tiny one-man outfit called Monarch has been issuing styrene injection-molded kits of classic horror figures, much like the old Aurora monster kits every boy in my generation built as a kid, at a very slow pace for the past few years. So far they’ve issued a Sinbad the Sailor (lovely kit), a Ghost of Castelmare, and a Gorgo (well, actually, Gorgo’s mom, but who’d buy a kit called “Gorgo’s Mom”?).

And a nice kit of Nosferatu. I bought one a while ago and eventually decided that I wanted to make some changes. Specifically, I thought he ought to be taller and skinnier, that his shoulders should slope more, that his arms needed to be reposed, and that his forehead needed to be lower and more feral. So I took the bits down to my bandsaw, cut him all apart, and reglued things like I wanted them. Mucho epoxy putty later, he was in primer, and just a few days ago I got done painting him.

So here he is:

Here’s a nicely built stock kit, picture stolen from a hobby website.

…and hereis my version.

As Calvin’s dad would explain, it’s a color model of a black-and-white subject :wink:

I love these threads of yours. I would never have the patience to do what you do, so it’s like looking into an alternate universe.

Fantastic work, looks ~138% creepier than the original.

Very nice. Your interpretation adds a lot - much more “realistic” (if that applies). The stock version looks like a bad cartoon. Yours looks like a person (a person with issues, but still).

Have you ever made a Rocketeer? :slight_smile:

Very cool. He looks much more as he should in yours.

Nicely done.

Thanks for the nice comments, guys :slight_smile:

I have! I’ve built a vinyl kit in 1/4 scale (no pics, alas) and this distaff variant, which has its own…charms. :smiley: (Looking at the pics, I think I’m going to repaint her someday; she was one of my earliest paintjobs, and I think I can do better nowadays.)

I’m also slowly collecting kits to build the vehicles in the movie, including the GeeBee, the Luxemburg, and Peevy’s '34 Ford truck. As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a fan :wink:

Oh, oh, oh, gotta show you this. One of my friends was commissioned to build this beauty for a friend’s Halloween costume. It’s whacked together out of hardware-store bits, including toilet floats, a floor drain grille, and lots of latex caulk.

What a hoot it would be to wear that rocket pack to the bank for a withdrawal.

You know, as an aircraft designer, I think I can say that she won’t fly too well. CG is too far forward. A lot of drag as well. Needs some sort of cowling.