I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

Someone please respond to HD in the current misogyny thread with something like this…im too drunk and fear being warned…

Maybe you need to do some self reflection on how you express yourself? Everyone does from time to time. I know I make a drunken idiot out of myself here all the time; politics threads, game threads, you name it. But i try to be direct and to the point. With you, it always feels you are dancing around the point. Just say what it is you are trying to say. Stop making us “guess” your “intent”. Because it sounds like your intents are pretty un-empathetic, to put it mildly.

He’s a Trumpeteer. They, like their guru, don’t give a shit about empathy.

They take pride in it. Classy for a supposedly devout mormon.

The existence of this thread just feeds the ego of this inbred mouthbreather. He exists solely to hijack threads.

Why any poster engages with him is beyond me. It just leads to any discussion getting disrupted and derailed.

IGNORE ALL OF HIS POSTS. There is no value in responding to him in any thread, any forum.

****Nm wrong thread

But while I’m here, let’s change Ditka’s name to **Pussy Comitatus **

And the bait is cast! I’m sure HD will make this a useful discussion, not just a bunch of JAQ-ing off. Who will he catch with his so devilishly clever trolling?

No one, hopefully. Like others have said, let him come here, or stay alone.

It is astounding he hasn’t been banned, the mods are huge pussies.

He spelled iiandyiiii’s name wrong in the title. :rolleyes:

HD just posted straight-up Russian propaganda in the Hunter Biden thread.

For a guy who brings in, at best, $60-odd in annual revenue to this Board, the moderators seem to want to spend a lot of their time and resources on this guy. I mean, the cost-benefit analysis is amazing! Assuming their time is worth, to them, $12/hour, then once they spend more than 5 hours a year dealing with his shit, then Ditka has cost the SDMB+mods more than he’s worth.

And yet he remains.

His thread went swimmingly. Just like the octupus that showed up to defend him being a wimp and scareded of the big, mean pit.

Just came here to note that as well.

This is beyond the “useful idiot” phase. He’s now getting his propaganda direct from the source, and happily lapping it up.

He’s basically a Russian asset at this point.

You’re the puppet.

Although the rules state that complaints about moderation belong in ATMB, not the Pit, I try to allow a little latitude in complaining about the board in general. This sort of direct insult to the mods is, however, over the line. Please do not repeat this sort of remark.

No warning issued.


…<ducks and runs>…


Who knows how the thread would have progressed?

Uh…all of us. :smiley:


In this thread, HD shows that he can’t actually tell the difference between encouraging discussion and reasoned argument (what Obama was doing) and trolling (what Jr is doing).