I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

There are Dopers who would say that bit of nonsense sarcastically. But no, you’re really that silly.

So, what, your great Christian hero just undid the horrors of the Muslim usurper, so never mind what those horrors were? This is dumb.

As to your Thread Title question, would this not count?

Yes, there was the one about him being full of shit. Perhaps there could be one about his predilection for posting only in forumses that guard against proper vitriolic responses.

Trump fixed things by deporting FEWER criminals, while promoting 17 different kinds of shitty? I’d ask him to “fix” my car, but I have no use for a hole in my driveway.

I just want to jump in to say that I oppose this pitting. HD has some bad posts, sure, but I think he mostly posts in good faith. Plus, I think he has moderated a lot since he first joined, not that long ago. He’s still very conservative, but my impression is that he generally debates fairly, listens and responds to arguments, etc.

This place has few enough thoughtful conservatives and HD is one, or has become one anyway. In my view, he has stuck to his principles but has adjusted well to the generally civil tone of this board.

Reading this again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he found this post to be super condescending. I really mean this in a defensive way, not a condescending way.

He supports torture for money.

I agree with this. I feel this way about a lot of conservative posters that people hate. I want people I don’t agree with to post here. But that doesn’t mean nothing they (he) has said isn’t Pitworthy.

It’s like we need a pit reason to pit Octopus’ older brother? Seriously, they are from the same nest.

Pit fail. Hurricane Ditka is smarter than the OP.

Talk about damning with faint praise…


If he is, it does not show on this board.


If there was any doubt if HurricaneDitka’s support of Trump was related to possible sympathy for white supremacists and white supremacism:

Not much doubt any more, ISTM.

He definitely posted that for the effect.

And what would that effect be?

I hope no one tries to get him to explain this. No good is going to come from that. Best to not feed.

You have a very strong tendency to to look at things through a racial lens. But you need to appreciate that not everyone else does.


I’m speechless

First, I don’t have much sympathy for the guys at Waco. Ruby Ridge was a disaster, but shit happens sometimes. Neither, under any circumstances or any view of the facts, justify OK City Federal Building bombing.

Most people that I’ve spoken to who have expressed a belief that black people (or Jews, or Mexicans, or some other ethnic/racial/etc. group) are inferior in some way (this is just an example – I’m not aware of HD saying anything like this directly) don’t actually believe they are racist, and are aghast if/when anyone says that anything they’ve said or done is racist. Sympathizing with/supporting a white supremacist mass murderer is “looking at things through a racial lens”, whether one realizes it or not.

It’s possible that HD is just trolling, and it’s probably even possible that his sympathy for the motives and actions of a white supremacist mass murderer like McVeigh is unrelated to white supremacism, but the latter strikes me as unlikely enough to put into that little basket of things that are not really worth considering without really strong evidence.

Did you just call Andy4eyes a racist? I seriously doubt that is anywhere near the case.