Is the pit a place only to ridicule Trump and Conservatives - and not the other side?

Appears so,

Within about 10 minutes the thread was shut down due to a high volume of flags against it.

Is that all it takes here is mass reporting of post ?

I’m curious as to what the nature of the flags were that would lock down a clip of a president at a conference accidently dropping the n-word. If it was Trump, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been shut down, and I wouldn’t want it to be.

The issue was that it was probably not the N-word. If Biden had indeed said the N-word, I think such a Pit thread would be allowed to remain open.

That being said, I also don’t think a system that is based off of user flagging is ideal because - it then reflects the skew of the board. If a board is 80% liberal and 20% conservative, you’ll naturally see a lot more complaints being sent to the mods by liberals than conservatives (and vice versa, of course, too, if the board were skewed the opposite ratio.) It ends up being not so much about which side is right and which is wrong, but rather, which side can send up a bigger storm of complaints.

You were a lying sack of shit in that thread and yet again in this one. Biden did not say the N-word. You should be banned for continued sack of shit behaviour .

Sorryy thought this was the pit.

You deliberately misrepresented the contents of the video. It’s clear that Biden didn’t say the n-word, but had a slip of the tongue when he said “n’eager” as he was trying to say “I’m eager to hear next from my good friends.” Continuing to lie about what you did in the OP here does not suggest good faith.

In my opinion what you did was a clear instance of trolling. While we permit some trolling in the Pit, there are limits. This is currently under discussion in the mod loop.

Right off the bat, poorly written Ops like your should be strongly discouraged.
Even in the Pit.

As to whatever points you thought you were going to score with that op, it comes across very strongly as disingenuous trolling.

It’s not only lying–the lie depends on mocking someone for a disability. Biden’s stutter is well-known. Taking advantage of that to mock him by dishonestly pretending he said a racist epithet? That’s not the sort of discourse we need.

Context and history matter. Trump has a well-documented history of intentionally saying provocative and inflammatory things, so he would not get the benefit of the doubt. Biden does not have that same history, so he does.

On the other hand, if I posted “Trump uses N-Word at 2019 State of the Union,” it should be flagged and closed, because it’s just not true.

Really hard to figure out the rules here, I’ve seen some nasty things in the pit.

I figured that would be the best place for it I didn’t know conservatives are suppose to submit some sort of treatise with every post here to avoid the trolling label which btw according to people here is anything that offends them.

And my point stands if it was Trump or some other conservative, you’d never shut it down. Fact.

The word he said wasn’t “n’eager” it was the other N word.

Taking a break for awhile, unless I’m banned which seems to what the mob wants here.

nm, wrong forum

I’d probably not use the OP’s post as a shining example but there does seem to be a bit of double standard, even in the pit.

Closing posts because the original poster is ‘stirring up shit’ seems to almost always go one way.

Bull. There was no context in his speech that would have resulted in accidentally using that word at that spot.
He’s no Gov. Lepetomane.

It’s sad and infuriating because, in the end, all they have is “lying bullshit”. The Republican politicians in Texas are desperate to avoid the responsibility they so heartily deserve for the weather disaster they have endured, so they are trying to blame the democratic clean energy act. They have conveniently ignored the fact that it hasn’t even been enacted yet.

Mob? I have heard the linked video thrice and I admit that my native language is not English, but I have never heard That Word pronounced with an long ee-sound.
I think you have to be very prejudiced to think that.

You just need to be more patient with your next sock.

This is very obviously false.

You seem to want very desperately to believe this, but the other word makes absolutely no sense in context. Can you explain WHY you think Biden would have said the other N word at that time and place? He’s not talking about race, or about black people, or about any subject where a casual racist would be likely to drop the N word, so why do you think he said that instead of merely tripping over his tongue?