FriendlyCurmudgeon banned for trolling

After discussion among the staff, it has been decided to ban FriendlyCurmudgeon for trolling based on this thread.

Although some trolling is permitted in the Pit, that is not absolute. One of the important (but not the only) consideration for trolling is misrepresentation. FriendlyCurmudgeon alleged that Biden had said the n-word, when it was clear that Biden had made a slip of the tongue in saying “n’eager” as he was trying to say “I’m eager to hear next from my good friends.” This was a deliberate falsehood intended to make people mad.

We also took into consideration the posts in this thread in ATMB, in particular this one:

Although the alternative explanation had been given to him in both the Pit and the ATMB thread, he insisted that his interpretation was correct. This convinced us that he was knowingly misrepresenting what Biden said, and continuing his trolling in ATMB.