Biden drops the N-word at Munich Security Conference


Whoopsies !!!

It’s an 18 minute video, could you tell us at what time he said it and in what context?

It’s near the end and it’s clearly been tampered with. It’s bullshit.

He linked to a specific timestamp, 15:30; he says “I’m eager - I’m eager to hear”. Low effort troll is a low effort troll.

It’s the CNBC YouTube account so I doubt it is tampered with, but he also doesn’t actually say the N word.

You’re a lying sack of shit.

After that he says something that sounds like “n’eager to hear, next.” It sounds like he started to say “next” but then repeated “eager to hear.” Clearly a slip of the tongue/

Remember that time Jim Acosta karate-chopped a Trump press office aid? Good times in Trump fantasy land!


A slip of the tongue or a dogwhistle to fellow racists that he will not bow to “politically correct” pressure not to say the N word? YOU DECIDE!

It was the next bit where he stumbled over his tongue a little, when he wanted to say “I’m eager to hear next from my good friends” that a muted “n” sound sneaked in so it came out “n’eager to hear.” (eta: ninja’d)

I agree, OP is a lying sack of shit. And a troll.

Given the number of reports on this I am going to close it pending review by Miller.