Not enjoying the n-word coverage.

Maybe he said it. Maybe he did not. We have some he said, she said. Fine. But it is being covered as if it is the issue of the year.

If they confirmed the story by playing the tapes (or maybe having some top intelligence official listen to them and swear to what is said), that might be some journalism. This is done all the time wrt things like the unemployment rate, the DOW, the deficit, and so on. Here’s the peer-reviewed report! Here’s what it says! So, that’s our data on the subject!

Here, we are getting endless speculation and anecdote. I feel almost like I am being trolled. This is similar to the last time CNN annoyed me, when the presenter sort of sneered and said, “We’re gonna fact check that” to close out a segment, rather than waiting for her team to actually fact check that, write up a proper script, and Then go on the TV broadcast and talk about it.

Anyway, the cable news was pretty similar to what I’d read on Smartphone Headlines earlier. Maybe it was the staleness that was really bothering me. But c’mon, play the tapes or zip it.
I know this looks similar to a rant, but the mundane point is that cable news is not that great, and maybe I need to shop around newsfeeds to boot.

Maybe it is the issue of the year. Maybe the level of hatred, hostility, incompetence, and disrespect that it proves, are enough.

I’d be more shocked to find out he hasn’t used the word. I mean really shocked.

Same. What would really shock me is if it made a difference in Trump’s support or perception. Trump is teflon. About 40% of the country is so hostile to democrats and/or low information that nothing matters about Trump as long as he isn’t an out group member. As long as Trump can say ‘I’m not a democrat, a black person, a woman or an immigrant’, nothing else he does matters.

I’d be shocked if Trump doesn’t say racial slurs. I’d be double shocked if it made the slightest difference in his support.

I agree this won’t make any difference in Trump’s popularity.

As we have been repeatedly told, not everybody who supports Trump is a racist. Okay. But everybody who supports Trump has already made their peace with associating with racists.

I’m sure he’s said it in his lifetime. I’m also sure that anyone with an axe to grind and in possession of a tape would have released it by now to the highest bidder.

I would bet that way more than 50% of the population has used the N word. Especially in his age group.

I think this just serves as another distraction while Trump and his republican cronies gut this country of the things that made us the leader of the free world.

I don’t care what we’re repeatedly told, it’s gotten quite stale in the repetition. A Trump supporter is by now necessarily a racist themselves personally.

A US citizen who’s an older white man having said this word is, I agree, no surprise. A US president saying it while in office is (zero difference, no exaggeration) the same as a German chancellor doing a Hitler salute in the hallway.

The wall-to-wall coverage is yet another distraction tactic.

He has more or less confirmed that he uses the word since he has tweeted that he has been reassured that no tape exists of him saying it. That’s very different from saying no tape could exist because he never said it.

August is a notoriously slow news month, but I’m surprised at how much coverage Omorosa is getting. It’s one thing that she shows up on the network talkshows, but they had her on the PBS News Hour the other night. Ugh.

Proves? The only evidence we have so far is Omorosa’s word on the issue. Which is about as good as Trump’s word on an issue. That is to say, not good at all.

I wouldn’t say everybody, but an overwhelming majority for sure.

I don’t think rumors are enough; she has to have his voice on tape saying it, and probably repeatedly so that people can understand the context. If it’s just rumors and innuendo or even people talking about it, then that’s not a needle mover.

I agree that most people who vote for Trump are comfortable with his racism, but if Trump, the President of the United States, is caught on tape saying that word, then it could motivate more black people to vote. And that would change the dynamics considerably.

How funny would it be if he did indeed say it, but in reference to the inhabitants of Nigg? Nigg, of course, is a suburb of Aberdeen, just south of his golf course.

I’d like to hear the tape, or have someone credible listen to it and give a transcript of what’s on it.

Bonus points if that someone isn’t Russian.


I’m pretty sure LBJ used it all the time.

I’d be willing to bet the majority of them have.

The White House press secretary refusing to deny that Trump has said it is, in fact, evidence. Circumstantial, but evidence all the same.

Penn Jillette saying Trump made “Racially insensitive comments” is evidence. It’s vague, but it’s evidence.

A lot of American Presidents have owned slaves. But it will still be newsworthy if it was revealed that Trump owns one.

**Not enjoying the n-word coverage.

**I don’t think you’re supposed to necessarily enjoy it. :eek: Kidding. How about this coverage?

"…Omarosa Manigault-Newman was frantically searching Tuesday through tapes of everyone else in the White House using the N-word for one of President Trump uttering the racial slur. “C’mon, c’mon, I know Trump’s in here somewhere,”