Huckabee-Sanders and the N-word

Why are some media outlets making such a big deal of SHS inability to guarantee that her boss was never recorded saying the n-word? They are treating it like some sort of “Aha!” moment. As much as I can’t stand her or Trump, I fail to see the scandal here. How could she possibly guarantee such a thing? How could anyone? I couldn’t guarantee that my own mother never used the word, although I find it extremely unlikely. Its a ridiculous question to ask of her. She says so many other outrageous things, why focus on this stupid thing?

She could always just ask the guy she represents.

Well, thePres himself has said that such a tape doesn’t exist so this indicates that we have reached the point where even the president’s official mouthpiece doesn’t believe the president is necessarily telling the truth.

I’m surprised mostly because its one of the first times she hasn’t come right out and 100% lied, e.g. “President Trump has never used that language.”

Or completely deferred on it, e.g. “President Trump’s tweets speak for themselves.”

The reason it’s getting the coverage is because the Press Secretary came out and told the truth. For this White House, that is news.

And the obvious follow-up question: if she doesn’t actually speak for the President, what the hell is her job?

But not that he said it.

Agree it is a nothingburger. It’s not anything most people don’t already know about the President anyway. And even if a tape is released that unequivocally has him saying that, so what? It’s not like it will make any of his supporters support him less, and it wont make his detractors detract any more than they already are. Unless he broke some law, it wont further the case to remove him from office.

And, Trump need not worry about it offending any of his close advisers, or people in his cabinet, since there are so few black people in important positions in the administration.

The linked article also quotes him as saying:

To me, the first half of that is, effectively, saying “I’ve never said that word.”

And, I agree with Celidin – if there’s anything noteworthy about what SJH said yesterday, it’s that she didn’t unquestioningly support what Trump had said.

That said, I think I’d be at least a little surprised if any 70-something white American has never used the word, given its prevalence in American culture in decades past – much less someone with a known history of poor dealings with African-Americans. But, it’s absolutely in Trump’s nature to make sweeping, all-or-nothing statements about himself, like that one.

He only knows the best words.

Anybody who knows me can guarantee such a thing, because they know that I don’t talk like that. Obviously, this is not the case with Schmuck l’Orange.

I’ve never seen reporters focus this much on accusations, and the media are running with the story as news, which of course have zero facts attached to them.

It’s designed to diminish a sitting president. If this is the new normal; the next President will have to deal with this as well.

Omarosa Manigault seems like the worst type of gold digger/traitor, secretly recording information in the nation’s most secure areas for her own gain. If she had that tape, the liar would say it. Merely suggesting it was recorded casts a shadow of a doubt in the court of public opinion.

It a good thing she didn’t cross a Clinton. People who do seem to be accident prone.

Well, she equivocated rather than flatly lied, which at least is more in line with what press secretaries have traditionally done. Meanwhile, the Trump administration presses on with attempts to undermine the US economy, creating a back door for importing Russian asbestos-containing products, easing up restrictions and scrutiny on predatory for-profit colleges, and lying to Congress about a fake denial of service attack on the FCC website that was actually just people making mostly unfavorable comments.

Really the only reason to believe that Trump is not actually an agent under foreign influence is that past on his past performance he wouldn’t be doing this good of a job if he were deliberate about it. That racist screeds exit his mouth, while offensive and embassassing, isn’t even at the mid-tier level of Trump offenses unless he’s active spurring on bigots and white supremicists, and frankly the not-a-denial just serves as a dog whistle to his supporters in that camp. Making a big news issue over it is just a distraction from his more substantial offenses.


There is no “Clinton Body Count”.

No, since the next President is unlikely to be a crooked disloyal moronic asshole.

None of the Clintons would be stupid enough to hire a reality show drama queen in the first place. You need exceedingly poor judgement to pull a boner like that.

I agree that possible racial slurs used by Trump pale in comparison to his active endorsement of the white supremacist agenda.

That last sentence is stupid. I take that back, the whole post is incredibly stupid. Trump deserves Omarosa, he made her famous, he hired her. He should make her his new press Secretary. Sarah’s days are numbered.

Speaking of zero facts attached…

For me, at least, it’s out of morbid curiosity- I have to wonder what, exactly, is too reprehensible for his supporters to finally be willing to denounce him.

Of course, I realize the answer is- sadly- that nothing is too reprehensible. He really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose supporters.

Trump hired her. Trump is a corrupt idiot who hired many corrupt idiots, many of whom have already turned on him.

We are a very long way from the bottom. I think his use of that word is one of the last things HIS supporters will find upsetting. And even if they do get upset, it’s not like they are going to do or say anything about it, and risk being seen as disloyal.