Why is this thread no moved to the Pit?

I generally don’t comment about how the board is run except to praise how well the Mods do. And, generally, that’s exactly how I feel. But in this thread it seems the discussion has totally shifted from the topic of the thread to attacks on the OP. Even the Mods in the thread are getting in on the act. Now, I thought that the usual thing would be for Mods to basically shake the posters back on topic, maybe make some dire threats about warnings if folks continue to hijack the thread, perhaps stomp on some heads with their jackboots of stomping +4, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Why? And why are the Mods getting in on the act too? I get it…the OP doesn’t appear to be liked, and many seem to think he is a closet Trump supporter who creates threads to I guess muddy the waters or so he can claim to actually be against Trump. Great. Isn’t that what the Pit is for?? :confused:

Thank you. I was about to post here about that thread. But it didn’t just shift; I was attacked right from the start. I reported it, of course, but the mods have done nothing. The thread shows the Dope at its very worst.

And just because people say I’m Trump supporter doesn’t mean it’s true.

I think it should just have been closed, as a thinly-disguised political rant posted in the wrong forum. But yeah, failing that, it should have been moved to the Pit.

I hear ya. People say I’m the life of the party, 'cause I tell a joke or two. Although I might be laughing loud and hearty, deep inside I’m blue.

Meh. It was posted in IMHO and it’s a stupid post which the OP is very clumsily defending without refining. All the “attacks” are against the form of the post and the context in which to judge it.

I won’t address the moderation. That’s for the IMHO mods to comment on if they choose.

On the other hand, I will say that this thread isn’t to relitigate the other thread. I hope that’s clear.

A few comments.

First, we moderators are assigned to specific forums. While we can kill spam and ban trolls in any forum, we otherwise do not moderate forums other than the ones that we are assigned to. Also, moderators are not separate from the board. We are regular SDMB members, just like you. So, while there are moderators participating in that thread, they are not moderators of the IMHO forum, and their posts should be considered as regular posts. Moderators have opinions on various topics and are free to express those opinions, just like everyone else. If they want to “get in on the act” (as you put it), they are free to do so, just like anyone else.

If a moderator is acting as a moderator, and is not just posting as a regular user, they will usually clearly indicate that they are doing so.

Second, I can’t speak for the other IMHO moderators, but the main reason I did not moderate that thread until just before posting this was that I was busy and hadn’t had a chance to do much moderating at all yesterday. We do have lives and jobs and stuff outside of the SDMB (believe it or not), and sometimes we can’t devote as much time to moderating as we would like to. My apologies for not being able to get to the thread in a more timely manner.

Third, when someone posts something, their history on that particular topic can be very relevant to what was posted. Context often matters. I do not have the time to read through all of the posts and threads that were linked to regarding past posting histories and such, but bringing up the OP’s history on a particular topic is not necessarily an attack on the OP.

As for the thread itself, perhaps if I had been able to get to it sooner I could have steered it back into IMHO territory, but given the GD style arguments and the lack of focus on the OP (not too surprising given the broader topic that spawned it), I felt that at this point it was best to close the thread.

Again, apologies for not being able to respond sooner.

No, it wasn’t. I asked the question and it’s been answered. I appreciate it. I had flagged the other thread and when I saw the continuation and had given it some time I figured I’d ask here. The thread has now been closed, which seems appropriate to me (either that or, as I said, moved to the Pit).

Thank you, engineer_comp_geek for the complete explanation and my apologies for impatience. I did know there were Mods for specific forums but hadn’t really thought through how that works. I do know you guys do this in your spare time, and that you have real lives outside of modding this board and those take precedence. I also know that you guys are just posters sometimes, just like us.