POLL: Moving OPs to Pit

There’s been plenty of time for discussion. Now, I would like a statistical read on people’s opinions by using a poll.

Case by case basis.

Why the heck did you add “delete posts” to your second option? That never happens here except for socks and spam.

Because someone in the other thread proposed that posts by people who don’t want to be associated with threads in the Pit should be deleted.

Well it makes the poll kind of silly, because that is clearly going to be an outlier position whereas without that phrase answer 2 is reasonable and would probably get a fair number of votes. Now all those reasonable opinions belong in “other”.

Eta: actually all the options are kind of stupid. So forget I even posted in this thread.

I don’t understand the point of this poll. That other thread was about moving threads, not individual posts, to the Pit.

I voted “Move threads to the Pit.” It isn’t the job of this Board or the mods thereof to protect the delicate sensibilities of people when a thread evolves into one better suited for the Pit. Conversations/discussions have a life of their own. Stop trying to force everybody here to adhere to the whims of a few. Except the mods, of course.

Threads should be considered on a case by case basis and handled as they are handled now. If they are moved, they should be moved in their entirety.

It is absolutely the mod’s job to do that. And “evolves into one better suited for the Pit” is a rather lame euphemism for people being unable to control their vitriol.

I vote [del]Guilty, with an explanation[/del] Other.

If the mods think it is just a rant, move it to the Pit. If the thread is getting out of hand, lock it and issue Mod Notes and/or Warnings as appropriate. Moving it to the Pit is a cop-out. If people are being jerks other than in the Pit, moving it to the Pit encourages being a jerk other than in the Pit. If there are too many violations to deal with, that just encourages pile-ons. If a mod doesn’t want to read thru the whole thread, but still thinks it’s problematic in the forum where it started, lock it.

If a thread topic drives a Doper so crazy that he or she cannot respond reasonably, let that Doper open the Pit thread and have at it.

No one should have to participate in, or react to, any thread or any post, in the Pit or anywhere else. If a thread gets moved to the Pit, and the poster chooses not to participate further, so be it. This “it’s trolling if you don’t respond” is BS IMO.



So you think it’s not the mods’ job to “protect the delicate sensibilities of people”? So should we just get rid of the Pit and allow insults everywhere?

The moderation staff is not saying this. Though I will note that it’s frowned on to post over and over forgoing discussion and treat the boards more like a blog than a forum. It’s not trolling per se, but it’s not exactly conducive to discourse.

#3. Mods should move threads as they see fit.

I like cheese.

And not only that, but moving the thread forces everyone who wants to keep the discussion civil to adhere to the whims of a different few.

It would definitely help Pit traffic to move all posts (and threads) there as the poll seems to suggest, except that other forums would get kinda sluggish.

Mods should receive OPs approval before moving thread.

Trainwrecks moved to pit - OP approval?

Move them, If we melt a few snowflakes, it won’t change sea levels.

ETA, oh, and delete polls in this forum. Nasty things.