You dare question the Mods???

In the past few days I’ve seen several threads still running that were started just to ask the moderator of choice why a thread was moved. And in every case, the moderator had a good reason to move the thread, based on content. Also in every case, a little thought on the part of the thread starter would have likely negated the need for wasting the moderator’s time.

Let me say something so all of you can hear it: The moderators are here to make sure we all follow the rules. That includes what can/cannot or should/should not be said in each forum. The reason there are forums is so content can be categorized, to allow those who do not want to be exposed to places such as the Pit can safely circumnavigate them. That being said, stop bothering the mods (and frankly, the rest of us) with this “Why did you move my thread?” crap. As far as I’ve seen, the moderators never do so without a valid reason. They seem fair in their decisions.

I am not starting this thread to kiss up to the moderators. I am merely sick and tired of wading through the whiny rantings of those who were not smart enough even to choose the correct forum when starting their threads. Read the rules. If you’re looking for sympathy from the rest of us, you won’t get it.

I hope I’m not out of line. This is something that’s been bugging me, and I thought I’d say something about it.

Well, if you won’t kiss up, I guess it’s up to me.

I’ve noticed that the board’s been running like a champ lately. Thanks, mods and admins.

Ummm… you’ve got a little brown something on your nose. :wink:

If Scott’s rational and well written pleas doesn’t get through, try this. Use the search engine, and look up other pit threads about moderator decisions. (You could search by individual mod names, but I think “nazi,” “fascist,” and “communist” will probably give you the best results.) Now, notice what happens when you complain about mods. That’s right, everybody else attacks you. Starting a pit thread doesn’t get you allies, or support, and it certainly won’t get your thread back. It will give you a new and comprehensive understanding of invective and foul language.

So just don’t do it, because A) You are wrong. You have no valid complaint and B) Even if you do, no one cares.

And here’s the thing no one ever thinks about: by putting it in the correct forum, you’ll probably be more likely to find people who are willing to answer your question/statement/opinion. At the very least, the mod has bumped your thread up to the top of the forum.

Go ahead, ask me anything. I dare ya.

What’s the third word that ends in “gry”

:: gd&r ::


Is that a mouse in your pocket?

Just because I’m feeling contradictory, I want to point out that the one time I started a Pit Thread to complain about a Mod’s actions, nobody yelled at me.

It turned out to be a great discussion - very unPitlike - and a good time was had by all.

You can read it if you want, but it was way back in the day of UBB Code, so the formatting and post-order are all wonky.

Are the rumors true? That is, did you have sexual relations with TubaDiva before becoming a moderator?

Why does anyone give a rat’s ass where their thread ends up, anyway? So what if a moderator thinks it fits a little better somewhere else? If it’s a worthy topic, it’ll get posts regardless, won’t it?

Granted, I’ve never started a thread with a worthy topic, so this is theorizing on my part.

Have you seen this? It’s really neat!

Oh my FUCK! That reminded me! My crazy fundie enighbor who kept spamming me with cancer-cure-quackery and beating me over the head with JESUS! sent me that GRY riddle. I sent her the answer as per His Holiness Cecil, and she didnt get it.


Thanks for the remind, had to share.

LOL Montfort!!!
What a great cite!
I’m going to go post that on MPSIMS right now!

Thanks Unclebeer for asking about the questions. Without you, I’d never have found out about that webpage. Now it is my job to see that others don’t miss out on that hilarious show.

Ah, it finally feels good to be fighting ignorance…