What's with the non-moderators moderating?

It seems that a LOT of people are playing moderator lately. I just browsed through a handful of threads and about half of them had semi-witty moderatorish remarks stating that this thread belonged in another forum. Some of them made me even look twice at the name of the person doing it, because I thought maybe they HAD been made moderators. I’m not going to name names, because this isn’t so much about a specific case as a widespread trend…why is so much of this going on lately?

This is the wrong forum for this thread.

Penis envy makes them do it.

Damn you to Hell! I wanted to do that!

Wait, you don’t believe in Hell, do you?

Well, neither do I! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, you must post links in a parody thread.

You should have ran a search on this thread. It’s already been discussed 3,279 times in the last week. You could have posted here, here, here, and especially here. So watch it, buster!

[moderators hat on] Diogenes, this is the only warning you’ll get from me. Stop making my jokes or you will be banned. [/moderators hat on]

Also I think that fucking morons that ctrl+c and ctrl+v without checking should be sent to the pit.

I envy not the cockery, but the crockery.

[Junior Mod hat ON]

If you feel the need to discuss this kind of shit, please do so in MPSIMS.

[Junior Mod hat OFF]

(I’ve always wanted to do that) :slight_smile:

Funniest thing, I was walking by and I could’ve sworn I heard somebody mention my name.

Carry on.

The new Corvette looks cool.

This thread is too dumb to live…


Do an impression of a particular mod…

I don’t give a flying FUCK if the new corvette looks cool. How difficult is it to stick to the subject of the OP? If we’re done here, then I’m closing this thread.

(how soon before a real mod comes here and REALLY locks it down?) :slight_smile:

I AM the fucking hall monitor! And the OP didn’t have a subject. Just a predicate.

[Off with his head (instead of to a forum, you see)]

Hey, NoClue, they sound like lyrics from NWA’s Express Yourself! Or maybe it’s just me. I’ll go now.

In a moment of inexplicable seriousness, I would point out that occasionally someone will indicate a more appropriate forum in the hopes that the OP will e-mail a Mod and request that the thread be moved, rather than waiting for some Mod to stumble on it and then grumble about having to move it (followed by the frequent Pit thread by the OP whining that s/he does not understand why it was moved).

Additionally, such comments frequently provide a foreword to a post that would be better suited to the other forum, thereby justifying (or, at least, rationalizing) the tenor of that post.

Badtz Maru, if you have a problem with one of the junior mods, I suggest you take it to email.

Y’know, when I see OPs like this, it makes me want to smash my Straight Dope Coffee Mug right through my monitor.

… not to mention that* the staff frequently express their appreciation for the old-timers pitching in with helpful comments to assist with newbie assimilation. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the rules, especially when someone posts “Hey, what do y’all think about Anne Heche: skanky or not?” to GQ.

*Okay, I mentioned it.