I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

I hadn’t noticed you before.


Go ahead and deny that a lot of the strawman that you are making was changed decades ago by Harry S. Truman.

So you only made yourself to be an ignoramus of history, want to make it worse? Please proceed governor…

Yeah, that was quite a post. I wonder if we’re missing an attempt at satire or something.

Whatever nonsense/fantasyland stuff you’re talking about, it has nothing to do with this thread; if you want to start a new thread about your whackjob nutty views about the world, feel free, but I feel no need to indulge your wackiness in this one.

I’m giving him the benefit for a very short minute here. If he’s equating those who serve their country with those who seek to violently destroy it, then things might change quickly here. I’m hoping it’s satire.

probably not satire

I thought he was Der Trihs!

It could just be his beef with me. He’s been saying hateful things about me personally for a long time on this board.

WillF crawls out specifically to spew his hatred in threads where he can get in random digs at liberals. I believe he’s racist and that he has some mighty strange views on the Civil War. I’ll have to look for those threads. I might be mis-remembering that bit.

Will is a hardcore anarchocapitalist who believes that the United States went to hell in 1788 when the fascists overturned the Articles of Confederation, then it went to hell again in 1865 when the fascists won the Civil War, then it went to hell again in 1935 when the fascists implemented the New Deal, then it went to hell again in 1964 when the fascists passed the Civil Rights act.

Thank you.

Oh, you trolling wanker. Fuck right off. :rolleyes:

Wasn’t McVeigh’s accomplice, Terry Nichols, married to an Asian?

I hear they had a Jew lawyer. So they couldn’t be racists. Right?

Damn. We need someone to make America great again!


For the benefit of those of us who aren’t fluent in fuckwit what does non-“whites” mean. Do the airquotes make a double negative with the “non”, or reinforce it, or something else?

I’m curious how Harry Truman, Dropper of Atom Bombs On Japanese Innocents, makes you think the US military had given up on shoving white supremacy down the throats of millions of innocent non-“whites”.

A think piece from Vox will not satisfy my curiosity, so maybe I’m asking the wrong person.

This clown is a full circus short of a pantload.

You’re probably missing something, but not that.

You trot out white supremacy whenever someone doesn’t fall into your quite narrow conception of the American political spectrum, but do not actually care about the damage your organization has done to the people of color around the world.

Anyone who joins the military does so because of ignorance, malice, or ambition. If they are ignorant at the beginning, I doubt they remain so, therefore they fall into the other two categories after awhile.

No I advocate non-violence.

You decided to out yourself as a person who benefits from state violence. Your choice. You decided to speak of others’ white supremacy. Your choice. It takes some balls for someone in your position to play victim.

I could get random digs at liberals in any thread. They are quite open to ridicule.

Yes they were all bad things.

I guess you believe with each of those events the US inched closer to its divine destiny.

If only it was that easy to handwave decades of state slaughter.

Whiteness is an artificial construct. It has changed significantly over time. For example, President Wilson believed that Germans were not white enough to escape his crosshairs. Trump is cool with the Germans, but watch out Koreans and Iranians.