I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

Are you in the military?

“Remember, pillage before burning”

If so, am I hitting close to home for you? Did you join out of ignorance, malice, or ambition?

Is this the first time someone hijacked a pit thread about someone else and insisted that the pit thread should be about them, instead?

How much did HurricaneDitka pay you to take the heat, Will? Show us on the doll where he touched you.

He seems to be succeeding.

I thought I had made it about the US military, but of course, this board being populated by liberals, there is significant worship of the government henchmen.

See, being a tedious, dogmatic shithead is not a way to actually win arguments or entice others to ponder your ideas. You just end up stuffed into everybody’s “FRAGILE” carton.

Liberals are known for worshipping the military? What?

Not in the military, but I’m thankful for those who have served and are serving. If it wasn’t for them, assholes like you couldn’t rant like a madman on the internet.

And you thought SamuelA had an imagination.

Of course. Wilson to FDR to LBJ to Obama.

The Heroes make enemies for me mission after mission. Nobody would want to hurt me if it wasn’t for their lust for adventure.

Who would stop me? None of the people slaughtered by the Heroes could ever do anything serious to me or any other person in the country.

Lol. Your world is one of great paranoia.

I’m fragile for speaking unpopular truths to people I know will hate me for it? No the fragile ones hold on to their ideological belief in state violence because questioning it would shatter their world.

Haven’t you seen all those liberals at Nascar events making a giant fucking production of the National Anthem? With their liberal stealth bombers flying over, and their liberal country stars sangin’ the anthem? (With a prayer to Jesus, of course. Oh Jesus, if one of these drivers ends up crushed in the wall, please don’t let any car parts decapitate a spectator, amen, Jesus.)

Whose WillF translation box is working? Mine is broken.

You’ve got more loose screws than an old Dodge.


Hopefully you’re a happy and non-insane person in real life, WillF. On this board, there’s no point in engaging with you, since you’re constantly enraged and incoherent, in addition to your fantasies of psychic abilities.

Best wishes and happiness to you and your family!

Before anyone actually takes anything WillFarnaby has written in this thread as something that should be given any thought, so say nothing of a reasonable response, let’s just remember that in his world, Abraham Lincoln is a war criminal and Donald Trump was “the peace candidate.”

Just think about that for a few minutes, then we can all just get on with our lives without getting involved in this freak show of politics.

Salty as a bag of Doritos, half the nutrition.

No, yours is working fine. You will know it is broken when the output start to make sense.

I have no fondness whatsoever for the military, or its ‘heroes’, but this:

is just so spectacularly stupid that even I can’t let it pass.

Most people who join the military do so because it’s a paying job that they’ve been told will teach them skills for free while letting them help their country.

You could, in theory, argue that it requires ignorance to believe that being a member of the military helps the country. You can’t possibly make a sane argument that wanting a paying job or free skills training is evil, and you can’t make any sort of coherent argument whatsoever that malice or ambition has anything to do with it at all. That’s just crazy.

Look, I don’t think there’s anything praiseworthy about being a soldier, but it’s mouth-frothingly deranged to claim you have to be some kind of demon to want to be one. Stuff like that gives you so much credibility that if you told me it was sunny outside I’d grab an umbrella.

There’s a reason I have this guy on Ignore, and it is demonstrated every time he posts.

You’re wasting your energy trying to engage him.