I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

For post 37 in this thread, apparently. In post 49, Bone lists several instances of septimus bringing up HD’s comment regarding McVeigh after having been instructed to knock it off.

Glad you’re pleased with yourself, Annoyed; but do keep this in mind: septimus can regain his composure. You, otoh, will always be a right-wing dipshit.

Septimus’ posts led to the mod note, I just reported it. Others might have as well, I dunno.

A meaningless statement, considering the source.

I’m feeling septimus’ pain here. The moderation seems questionable. We’re not allowed to have socks because they want us to have to take responsibility for what we write. But we’re not allowed to bring up repugnant things that people have said in the past?

To be fair, the dickish typhoon has an unhealthy fixation with defending terrorists.

Mayhap septimus shouldn’t bring it up outside the Pit (and you really shouldn’t), but yeah, it is hard to forget sometimes that that particular poster condones the death of children for the sake of making a political point.

I take it from your glee at seeing your political opponents harmed you also agree with his assessment that McVeigh’s actions were justified?

Nobody ever said that McVeigh’s actions were justified. HD stated (once that I know of) that his actions were not entirely unreasonable in a thread about unpopular opinions. Thats a far cry from supporting the death of children and thinking he was justified. But you guys still apparently don’t know how words work so I’m not surprised at your reaction to them.

Then Great Debates would be chock full of ad hominem.

Shows how much you know. I’ve even heard that my posts are generally intelligent and good spirited, which I’m pretty sure no one has said about yours, notwithstanding your “short time here.”

Speaking of which, what’s the dealio with the 34-month gap between your registration and your first post?

Fuck me.

Anything to pwn those libs, eh?

See, I can see how the actions of the US in 1980’s Afghanistan led to the events of 9/11. This is of use to understand that other similar actions in the future may have similar consequences as well.

I do not, however, think that there was anything reasonable about bin Laden’s actions. If I did, then yes, I would be condoning them, and supporting the deaths of the thousands who died that day.

An unpopular, but not terrorist supporting statement that he may have made would be, “I can see how the actions of the US in regards to Ruby Ridge and Waco led to McVeigh making the decisions to become a terrorist as he did.” I would agree, crazy people can be inspired by many things, but that does not make them reasonable.

To say that it is not entirely unreasonable says that it is reasonable, as that is how words work. If you say that it is a reasonable reaction, then you are justifying it. If you justify the actions of a terrorist, then yeah, people may react to that badly.

Not entirely unreasonable does not equal reasonable, nor does it equal “justifying it”. Thats just you fools taking a simple statement and bending it so far out into left field with your own ‘analysis’ that it becomes something its not.

If it isn’t relevant to the topic then guess what? It isn’t relevant to the topic! Aside from emotionally stunted or intellectually dishonest people, which this forum is infested with, off topic stuff has no relevance to unrelated words on a different topic.

Have to love the irony of annoyed complaining about someone “making it about the person” instead of “making it about the issue”.

I bet you think white men are the real victims in modern day America.

Context motherfucker, do you understand it?

I mostly post in the pit so I can make it about the person and post how I want. I mostly stay out of GD and Elections so that I dont get mod notes.

I bet you get confused as to which genders underwear you should put on in the morning.

“Not entirely unreasonable” does certainly equal at least “a little bit reasonable.” I.e., not entirely unreasonable. Whether it justifies something or not, I cannot say.

I think he was saying he holds the unpopular opinion that McVeigh’s actions were a reasonable response to perceived misconduct by the U.S. Government. I haven’t been following the controversy closely over the years, did HD ever come back and deny that is what he was trying to say? If so, I’d be willing to let it go. If not, that’s seriously fucked up.

Is it a pejorative to say someone is not a “moderate”? To the contrary I think some would consider “moderation” to be the insult. Barry Goldwater famously said “Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” If I call someone a “moderate” on the topic of Trump’s criminality, is that an insult? You betcha!

So, someone seeking to lead the other thread toward a conclusion offered that HD was a “moderate.” Without casting any explicit judgement myself, I posted a HD quote and wondered if this would change the assessment. And for this I get Noted? (I thank Bone for making it a Note rather than Warning. As I said, I’m at 85 and counting. Next Warning I’m gone. Consider this my “Goodbye” to you all, since I don’t think BANNED Dopers are allowed any valediction.)

Oh! Obviously Annoying will be added to my Ignore List. (If any of you Ignorees have attempted to PM me, then … No, I don’t see PMs from Ignorees.)

Is it really that hard to not bring up completely irrelevant things in a stalkerish fashion? It’s a bit like iiandyiiii’s obsession with Shodan I think it is. Anyways, it’s not healthy!

And what’s up with the random formatting? You ought to use some wingdings and comic sans for additional variety.

To be fair, when you answered I love Me, Vol.1’s question, you could have done it by PM. I doubt that Bone would have construed his instruction to extend into the realm of private messages (always supposing that you didn’t harass people with PMs).

Continuing with the fairness regimen, your post was a continuation of a hijack into the political proclivities of individual Dopers. A hijack that, IIRC, you didn’t initiate.

Still and all, you really would do better to focus your energies on complying with mod instructions, particularly ones that have been hand-crafted for you personally, and less on building Rube Goldberg-esque strategies to keep you out of trouble. Fewer moving parts means fewer things that can go wrong.

And while it’s not egregiously pejorative to declare someone not a moderate, in this instance, it was off-topic.